Build-A-Bear Workshop

Have you been to a Build-A-Bear Workshop before?

We’ve been to the workshop at HarbourFront and Nex several times, but we never bring home any furry friends because I find that they are pretty expensive.

Few weeks ago, I spotted a promotion on Yahoo Deal – a Sweet Curdles Teddy at Build-A-Bear Workshop is selling at only S$9.90 (usual price: S$25.90). I quickly dished out my credit card to purchase the Deal. Five minutes later, the Yahoo Deal voucher arrived at my mailbox.

So, we brought Little Edison to the workshop. I’m very sure this time that he will have fun building and customizing his own huggable buddy, even though V thinks that it’s a very “girlish” thing to do.


After getting his furry friend from the counter, we went to the “Stuff Me” station where a staff helped us to stuff the wool into his furry friend. Then, our boy was asked to select a heart, warm it in his hands, make a wish and put it into his furry friend, before she is being stitched-up.

Next, we brought her to the “Fluff Me” station. This so-called spa treatment is to clean away the dust from our furry friend. Then, we proceed to the “Name Me” station where we gave our furry friend a name and make a personalized birth cert for her.

V gave her a weird cute name, and that’s ALAMO!


Finally, we were all ready to dress her up. Looking at the selection of clothing and accessories, we just can’t resist this. I let our boy choose, and he got a pink top and a blue denim pants for Alamo.

V gave me a look which said you’re wasting money again! But I couldn’t help it. Everything here is too cute to resist! The way I see it, if I’ve spent S$9.90 to make this bear, I might as well buy some nice clothes to dress her up.

Alas, I think he is right. We picked up two pieces of clothing that costs me about S$25. Total damage is S$35.00, including the S$9.90 that I paid for the bear through Yahoo Deal. This $35 dollar can be spent better elsewhere.


And considering that we will be shifting to our new home three years later, I should really stop buying these stuffs. Otherwise, I’ll end-up with more things to pack and move.


So, Alamo could really be our last furry friend for now.


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