Finalist at the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 – Best Family Blog Category

I was completely over the moon yesterday when I received this piece of good news from OMY. Our Little Smarties has been selected as one of the Top 10 Best Family Blogs at the Singapore Blog Awards 2012.

Until today, I’m still a little stunned that this blog has successfully made it to the Top Ten this year. This is my second attempt. I submitted my blog for the contest last year (the first time), but I was not selected. I was disappointed, but I told myself not to give up.

This year, I tried my luck again but I didn’t pin much hope on it. Reason – there are more contestants than last year, and when I did a count on the potential finalists this year, I got more than twenty! There are a lot of newcomers, especially the Daddy Bloggers, and they are equally good as the Mommy Bloggers.

While I was reading the finalists for the Best Family Blog category yesterday, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the last name on the list – it was ME!

I just couldn’t believe it! I refreshed the page three times to make sure that I didn’t read it wrongly. Yah, I’m silly as that! When I received the official e-mail from OMY, I was so relieved and excited.

My blog, my little creative space, has finally gained some recognition. Even though I’m still unsure where this contest will lead me, but I’m feeling positive and excited about the journey ahead!

If you enjoy reading my blog, I deeply appreciate it if you can spare some time to vote for me for this prestigious award.

Public voting counts for 30% of the final score and 70% are based on judges’ decision. Voters stand a chance to win attractive prizes too! Closing date is 30 Jun 2012.

If you’re new to OMY, you need to make a simple registration before you can vote. It takes you less than two minutes to complete the registration form below, and you’ll be given a User Name and password to vote.

Voting is open worldwide. For non-Singaporean readers, you can key-in your IC Number under the NRIC/FIN No. field during the registration process. Click HERE to vote.

The important note here is that you can vote multiple times, but only once a day! So, please vote for me whenever you’re able to! (Thanks again!) You can also help spread the word by clicking on the social media buttons on the website (see picture below) to share the link with your friends.

Last but not least, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your support and readership. I really appreciate the interaction with all of you through this blog.

I gotta go rack my brain tonight to answer some e-interview questions from OMY, as part of this contest. =)


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Congrats, Emily! Will vote for you.


Well done, Emily! So happy for you… Way to go!

Gong Xi Gong Xi …

I will :

1st) Self Register @ OMY website ( ) : 30 secs

2nd) Go to ( )

3rd) Click on Edison’s VOTE ME

4th) Every Day


Congrats! I will b voting for ya!

Done, voted! 🙂


Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!