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Growing-up Too Fast

Four years ago, I took these pictures at the playground of our apartment:

ThenFour years later, I have this:


Honestly, I still can’t believe that he’s already FIVE years old. Two years down the road, he will begin his formal education in Primary 1.

It didn’t seem like such a long time ago that he was an infant with just two lower middle teeth. As I watch him growing up every day, I’m continually amazed at how wonderful a person he’s becoming.

Sure he has his quirks and monkey business that frustrate me to a point of madness sometimes, but who doesn’t have them. I’m just glad that he is a great kid on the whole and I’m truly blessed to have him in my life.


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Hi Emily, it’s strange but the recent photo looks like its older than the baby photos, because of the yellowish tint. Yes, as mothers, we all feel that our babies grow up too fast!

I share the exact sentiments and wish that time would slow down truly…really do miss the days that my son was just a tot. 5 is a tough age to manage for me too, K is not quite a baby, but also not grown up…and the meltdowns, I am getting all sorts of out of control episodes from him quite often this year, are u also getting from your boy?

Hi Emily, I can’t agree with you more. My second child is soon turning 1, and it’s all gone by too quickly. It’s really a challenge to cherish every moment given the busy lives we lead today, but thank God for the blog and the memories that I’ve managed to record there!