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Our First Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

Thanks to The Beautiful Moment Photography, our family was recently invited to an outdoor photo shoot. I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I am; because we’ve never been to an outdoor photo shoot with a professional photographer before.

Honestly, prior to this invitation, I’ve been thinking of doing a professional family photo shoot since early this year. However, Little Edison has not been very cooperative lately, especially when it comes to taking pictures of him. He will hide his face whenever we say, “Boy, say cheese!”

That is why the plan was brushed under the carpet until recently.

Joshua Sim is a young and talented photographer with an amazing eye for photo opportunities. It was like he knew instinctively what settings and angles would make the perfect photographs. He made everyone of us feel at ease during the photo shoot, and he’s able to capture excellent shots of our boy who can never stay still. I just don’t know how he did it.

The photo shoot was done at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden – one of our favourite family hang-out. I truly admire Joshua’s dedication, professionalism and attention to details throughout the process. He arrived half an hour earlier to scout for locations for our shoots. So, the moment we arrived, we knew where to start off.

The photo shoot was a smashing success. The weather was awesome. Our pictures are gorgeous and full of life.

A picture paints a thousand words, just take a look at these pictures and you’ll get what I mean.

Emily&family_pt1_290412 20
That’s our family! From left: my FIL, my BIL – Kenneth (who is also Little Edison’s Godpa), Little Edison, me, my MIL and V.

Emily&family_pt2_290412 9

Emily&family_pt2_290412 3

Emily&family_pt2_290412 1

Emily&family_pt1_290412 6

Emily&family_pt1_290412 5

No words could adequately capture the love between generations, especially between grandparents and their grandchildren, and these pictures capture it all. These pictures of my parents-in-law holding Little Edison’s hand are so heartwarming!

Emily&family_pt1_290412 24

Emily&family_pt1_290412 26

And this picture shows two handsome young man (my brother-in-law, Kenneth and V) standing with their proud mother! She is still looking great and youthful in her 60’s.

Emily&family_pt1_290412 13

These pictures capture our son’s personality so perfectly – active, enthusiastic, positive and sociable.


Emily&family_pt1_290412 17

Emily&family_pt1_290412 27-001

Last but not least, these pictures make me realize that black and white photography can be far more striking than conventional colour photography when it is shot by an experienced photographer.

Emily&family_pt1_290412 28


We truly enjoyed our outdoor photo shoot experience. Again, a big THANK YOU to Joshua for spending the afternoon with us. My next project is to make a photobook with all these fantastic pictures!


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Edison has a signature “v” pose? he looks so enthusiastic posing for photographs. I like the first picture and the one of Edison and his grandparents in black and white. And you’re looking great too.

Nice photo series 🙂 am thinking of an outdoor shoot when Little Chuck can walk!