Sky-Land-Sea Adventure at Singapore Flyer

Our last visit to Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel, was two years ago. Now, they have launched an even more exciting package – that is called the special Sky-Land-Sea adventure.

Package Introduction

This adventure package includes 1 Singapore Flight, 1 Singapore River Cruise and 1 cultural / heritage open-top bus tour. Now, you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of Singapore and beyond atop the 165m Singapore Flyer, relax in an open-top tour bus as it goes through our historical districts and lively city, as well as cruising down the romantic Singapore River.

This triple deal is available every weekend now from 5 May to 24 June. Each Sky-Land-Sea package, priced at $20.65 and $29.50 for kids (3-12) and adults respectively, includes entry to the Journey of Dreams Interactive Gallery – where you learn more about the Singapore Story and the Flyer through an interactive multimedia showcase. Now, you can book online and get a 10% discount!

Singapore River Cruise

Our adventure began with the Singapore River Cruise at 5pm. Personally, I find that this is the best time to start the cruise because it’s not too hot and the sky is not too dark.

The jetty and the river cruise

We boarded the boat at the jetty just short walk from the Singapore Flyer. It’s a modern boat, partly-covered and partly open-topped. Walking around is permitted, but there is no commentary by on-boat guide.

Our family photo on the boat. Hey, MBS is behind us!

The 30-minute cruise allows us to catch a glimpse of the life along the Singapore River and get a different perspective of the city from the river.

Tall buildings in the city as seen from the river
Cruising closer to the Marina Bay Sands
Various scenes along Singapore River
Journey of Dreams

This is the latest attraction at the Singapore Flyer. We were fascinated with the multimedia showcase that provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Singapore Story and our iconic Singapore Flyer.

The miniature Flyer and its landscape. Beautiful!
Another family photo. Love the lights!
Singapore Flyer

We boarded our flight at around 6:15pm. The weather was fantastic, and we truly enjoyed the best viewing experience and relished the magnificent spectacle of dynamic Singapore and beyond! As you may already know, the duration of the flight is 30 minutes.

A flight capsule is approaching!

The last and most exciting part of the adventure…

Open-Top Bus Tour

This is certainly the best part of the adventure. It’s also my first time experiencing such a “touristy” facility after living in this city for 12 years, and suddenly I felt like a tourist in a foreign land! 

We sat on the upper deck of this uniquely open-top double-decker bus; enjoying the wind in our hair as well as the spectacular view of our city’s major attractions. The route covers attractions such as Esplanade, Fullerton, Clarke Quay, Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Suntec City and more. The fun and informative commentary by the bus guide is an added bonus for an even more enhancing experience.

View of MBS and Esplanade from the open-top tour bus

At the end of the bus tour, my hair was all messed-up by the wind, but it’s all worth it for all the fun that we had.

My Verdict

I find that the package is a pretty good deal. If you bought the 3 tickets separately, they would have cost you more than $50 per pax. Now, you can get them with just half the price and it’s only available till 24 June.

For adults, especially if you’ve not experienced the river cruise and open-top bus tour before, this is a great chance for you to feel like a tourist again. After the trip, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the beauty of our country even more. Singapore is really beautiful albeit the small land area, with almost 30% of it is reclaimed.

Needless to say, for the kids, they will definitely enjoy themselves with so much new experiences.

Special thanks to the beautiful ladies at Singapore Flyer for hosting us. We will definitely be back again!

Please visit for more information.


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