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Home Trip & Resort Holiday

   Ed: “Mama, what day is it?”

   Me: “Friday, my boy.”

   Ed: “Is it school holiday?”

   Me: “Yes, it is. So, no school for ya.”

   Ed: “Yay! It’s getting closer and closer!” *Jump excitedly*

The above conversation has been repeated for the fifth time today. Little Edison is excited about my home trip next week. He has been asking me numerous times when he can go to Popo’s house again (my mom’s house in Ipoh). I promised to bring him there during the June school holidays.

Now, whenever he hears the word “school holiday”, he will automatically recall my promise to him – that is to bring him to Ipoh.

Maybe I shouldn’t call it my “home trip”. You see – I’m a Singapore PR, married to a Singaporean man with a Singaporean kid. I’ve been staying here for 12 years now; so technically, Singapore is my home.

But Ipoh still feels like a “second home” to me. I could feel the “back-to-home” feeling whenever I cross the boundary of Ipoh. I do have a lot of fond memories there. This trip is going to be extra special because we will be going for a resort holiday with my parents and my brother’s family before we head back to Ipoh together.

Little Edison is excited about meeting his cousins again. I’m pretty sure the kids will have great fun, especially at the resort. I miss my parents, my siblings and the kids too.

I shall end this post with a picture of the kids, taken in Dec last year. More updates on our resort holiday when I get back.

Jaerone, Edison and Jaynie

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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