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Introducing: Lollibox – the Fun Craft Project

My Lollibox!

Recently, the team at Lollibox sent me their new product for review. The product itself is called Lollibox. It contains educational craft projects and activities for children. Every month, a different theme will be launched and all the materials and know-how content are provided in the box to encourage our kid’s natural curiosity and creativity.

First of all, I should tell you that this product will require parental guidance. It is aimed to encourage parents to spend quality time and interact with their children by doing activities that can stimulate their minds.

What is in the box?

I spent almost half an hour trying to figure out how these things work. Let’s take a look at the content in this box first, here goes.

Content of the Lollibox

The theme for this month is Amazing Animal. Our boy is encouraged to build his own zoo, understand animal camouflage and stimulate understanding of the world of animals through the various activities in this box.

To be honest, it sounds a little complicated at first. Luckily, a step-by-step instruction is provided for each activity. Parents can read it first before guiding their kids into the activities.


Activity # 1: Building a Zoo!
Materials to build our own zoo

In this pack, we’re provided with a base board, two fun clays, animal figurines and mini craft sticks. Using these materials, our objective is to build a zoo for the animals. The green clay can be used to make grasses, with the blue clay as their enclosures. Finish up by making the fences using the mini craft sticks!


Activity # 2: The Camouflage Game! 
Learn the camouflage

In this pack, you can find colorful craft sticks and animal pictures. Place the colorful craft sticks on different places, such as a colored rug, grass patches etc, and get the kids to find as many craft sticks as possible.

From this game, they will learn the concept of camouflage. Then, we can use the animal pictures provided here to tell them how the animals use camouflage to hide and protect themselves from predators.


Activity # 3: Design your own Mother’s Day Card!
I love foam stickers in vibrant colors!

This is a Mother’s Day promotion pack that contains a stick patterned paper, foam shapes in assorted colors and crayons. It’s an interesting card-making activity that I like to share with Little Edison, even though Mother’s Day is over now.


Bonus Activity: Make your own Zoo Photo Frame!
Let's design our own photo frame!

He is encouraged to make his own zoo photo frame by sticking his favorite photo on the frame provided, color it and stick it on the fridge with the self-adhesive magnets. Magnets and markers are provided too. 

My Verdict:

Priced at S$24.90 per box, I find that the price is very reasonable for so many activities provided in one box. I like the fact that it is theme-based, so we can focus on what needs to be learned and have an objective to achieve at the end of all the activities.

The instruction sheet provided for each activity is clear and precise. There are suggestions and additional questions for us to engage with our children. The activities and educational contents are really suitable for young children.

Lollibox recommends this product for children aged 3 to 7 years old. I would say that for kids below 6 years old, they will still need a lot of parental guidance for the activities. It’s not a “toy” that you can leave to your kids to play on their own.

As I’ve said earlier, the purpose is to encourage parents to spend quality time and interact with their children by doing activities that can stimulate their minds. If you don’t have time, or just plain lazy (like me!), then I think this product might not be suitable for you.

In short, I think that it’s a really awesome product – if you have the time and patience to explore with your kids.

As of this writing, I still don’t have time to explore the activities with Little Edison yet. This review is done based on my own opinion. I’ll share in another post after I explore the activities with Little Edison. And maybe he has something to share too!

I have a good news for you, before I end this post:

From now till 25 June 2012, enter the promo code “SMARTIES” to enjoy a 10% discount off your LolliBox purchase. If you order between 1 to 12 June, you’ll also get a free Daddy’s Tie Craft Kit with your box!

For more information, please visit

This product is sponsored by Lollibox. Views and opinions are my own.


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