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I’m Thankful For …

I’m glad it wasn’t cancer and I’ve had a successful surgery done by a great ENT specialist in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. I’m 90% recovered by now, and I’m ready to resume my normal routine.

The past two weeks have been a tough one for me, and again, I’m so glad that it’s over now. This experience makes me realize that the most important thing in life is not wealth, but health. As a mother, I want to get my health back so that I can take care of my son and family.

If you’re wondering what could have happened to me, I’m going to share with you in this post.

It all began in late Jun where I had regular nose bleeding and a sinus infection. My nose bleed easily when I sneeze or cough; it was quite dramatic and frightening especially when I was outdoor. My GP advised me to consult an ENT specialist to find out what the real cause might be.

I’m really lucky to meet my ENT specialist A/Prof Luke Tan. He is certainly the best doctor I’ve ever seen in my entire life! After a series of scans and tests, he advised me to go for a surgery to further diagnose my condition. What worries us is the abnormality that we’ve seen from my sinus CT scan.

We scheduled the surgery on the next Monday. Negative thoughts, the biggest enemy in our life, started to haunt me after that. I was worried that it might be the “C” thing. If I had to leave this world, what will happen to my son? I felt so sorry for him.

I prayed and I constantly remind myself to think positively and do not dwell too much on the negative thoughts until the day of my surgery.

I had functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) in my left and right nostrils, as well as a Caldwell-Luc procedure on my left gum. The post-operative pain was quite minimal, but the discomfort can be quite unbearable. I had nasal packing for two days after the surgery, where I was forced to breathe through my mouth. It was quite uncomfortable.

The Caldwell-Luc procedure left me with a swollen face for one week. For the first two days after my surgery, the swell was so bad that I couldn’t even brush my teeth properly. Luckily, the swell subsided after a week.

xie xie

I’m really thankful to the following people, who take care of me, cheer me up, support me and concern about me during this difficult period:

1. My husband, V, who is always there to take care of me and support me.

2. My son, Little Edison, has been such a good boy. I felt sorry to make him cry when he visited me in the hospital. He was sad because I was unable to go home with him.

3. My brother-in-law, Kenneth, who visited me daily in the hospital despite his busy work schedule.

4. My parents-in-law who took care of Little Edison during my hospitalization.

5. My parents who came all the way from Malaysia to visit me.

6. My siblings, friends, colleagues and blog readers for their concern, well-wishes and gift baskets.

7. My boss and staff who cover my duties during my hospitalization leave.

8. My doctor A/Prof Luke Tan for his patience, care and professionalism.

9. All the wonderful and caring staffs at Mount Elizabeth Hospital who has attended to me.

I’m so BLESSED to have been surrounded by the most wonderful people in the world! Thank you once again!

P/S: Do you like my new blog theme? 🙂


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Though I duno u in-person. But hope u speedy recovery dear . Really love your blog on DIY flashcard & shichida material.

Stay Healthly always! Cheers 🙂

Good to hear all’s alright now. Must have been such a frightful experience … you can now go out and CELEBRATE! 🙂

I am so glad to hear that u are alright now. When u told me that u were going for surgery in the email, I did not want to probe further, but kept u in prayers. It felt really poignant when I read about how Edison cried when he saw u in the hospital – I can’t imagine the fear and confusion that went through his mind 🙁 Will continue to keep u in my prayers that u will stay healthy always after this episode.