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When I met V for the first time through an online dating website, I told myself that he’ll be the last guy I’m going to meet.

If things don’t work out, I’ll remain single for the rest of my life. I’ve met and dated a few guys before V, but none of them were committed for a long-term relationship, except one that left me after two years, and left me devastated and hopeless.

In early 2006 when I had almost given up on finding love, I met V. Unknowingly, this last guy turned out to be the one that I’ll spend the rest of my life with. By our fifth date, I could feel that we were both head over heels in love with each other.

We got along very well, we appreciate each other’s presence, and most importantly, we were ready to settle down. We tied the knots within a year, and I got pregnant with Little Edison shortly after that. I was so blessed to have found him.

For the next five year, we struggled with parenthood and developed a very strong love for our son. We both worked hard to provide a comfortable living for our son. A lot of times, I felt that I was too focused being a mother that I’ve forgotten being a wife. But V is very understanding and he didn’t blame me at all, even though I can sense his unhappiness sometimes.

On the other hand, V balances the role of a husband and father well. He is always there for me and he provides me with endless support and care whenever I need it most. He’s also a full-time hands-on daddy who can feed, shower, read books, and play with.

In Dec last year, when I had my first sinus operation, he took a week off to take care of me. He accompanied me all the way to the operating theatre until the very last point where he was not allowed to enter. He promised to wait outside for me.

He waited for hours outside the operating theatre until the operation was over, and until he got the assurance from my surgeon that the operation was successful. I was still unconscious after the operation, but I could feel his presence in my ward.

During my stay in the hospital, he had to travel to and fro to take care of me, and to bring our son to visit me. After the operation, he had to take time-off again to accompany me for my subsequent check-ups. It was physically tiring for him, but I never heard a single word of complaint.

All I get from him are comforting words and assurance that I’ll recover soon. He is always calm, supportive, and positive.

Today, I’m going for my second operation (unexpectedly). I’m eternally grateful for his love, patience, support, care and being with me. Because of him, I’m no longer nervous about my operation. I’m all positive and confident that I’ll recover very soon.


Dear V,

Thanks for being a good husband. I’m grateful for your love, patience, care and support. Thanks for fighting this ‘war’ with me, and I want to tell you that we’ll sure win.

With Love,

Your wifey


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Hi Emily, hope you have a speedy recovery after your operation. Your hubby is so loving towards you in the way he demonstrates with his actions and not just words. Aren’t you glad that you gave love a chance and found such a keeper 🙂

What a sweet story! You are v blessed to have such a wonderful hubby. All the best for your op. God bless!