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Three Things I Did to Make Myself Happy


My moods were fluctuating like a roller coaster ride for the past three weeks. One minute I was agitated, the next I was happy and then I was sad again. I guess it was a side effect from my operation, but more on the psychological side.

I have to pull myself together and do something that can make me really happy. I gave it a thought and alas, I gave myself three missions. If I can complete them all before I resume work, I should be very happy.

1. Mole Removal

One of the first things I did to make myself happy was to go for mole removal. This may sound funny to you because it will cause more pain than comfort. To begin with, I have two unsightly moles on my face that I have always hated. One of them was located about 2cm from my right eye (near to my hairline). Although it was quite big and protruding, it can be easily camouflaged with my hair.

The second mole is small but slightly protruding, and it’s located on my cheek. I have always wanted to remove them, but I’m lack of courage. So, this time I challenged myself to remove them completely. I called the aesthetic clinic that offers mole removal through laser, made an appointment, bit the bullet and went for it.

I was totally surprised at how painless and fast the procedure was! Firstly, the doctor applied a thick numbing cream on the areas. About half an hour later, he gave me a local anaesthetic injection which caused a slight discomfort. Then, the moles were removed via laser. The pain level is nothing more than a big ant sting. Amazing!

I feel very happy after that. When I look at the mirror now, I don’t see any moles. The wounds healed nicely after two weeks, but with slight discolorations. According to the doctor, the discolorations should vanish after a few months.

2. Colour my hair

I’ve been seeing grey hair sprouting all over my head. I’m not sure if this is caused by the operation (psychological effect again!) or the antibiotics that I took. Or they might have already been there for quite some time, just that I didn’t notice them until lately. Whatever.

I looked like an old woman, and I felt so awful. So, I gave a call to my stylist to make an appointment. I told her that I want a red tone that is not too dark, but can cover all my grey hair. She knew exactly what I need, and I also had a hair treatment after that.

I look at the mirror again, and I can’t detect any grey hair. Yay! Mission success!

3. Makeover my blog

When I was done with my face and hair, I looked at my blog and I realized that I need to give it a makeover. The last change was done more than a year ago, and I’m more or less bored with its look.

This time, I’ve decided to ‘outsource’ the job. All the previous themes were installed by myself, it was all hard works and late nights. I’m glad to have found Patricia this time to design my blog theme. She is fast and easy to work with.

I told her that I want something pink, simple and pleasing to the eyes. For the header design, I sent her some of my pictures and the rest were all up to her creativity. Alas, the design was completed within 5 days after some minor revisions. She installed the theme for me, and I did some minor tweaks to change some colours and fonts.

I’m so in love with the current theme. I plan to make an image slider for featured post when I have time later on – as an improvement. I hope that you like my current theme too!

Having completed all the above missions, I really feel much better and happier now. I’m a strange person, am I? :p


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Love this new blog theme. The pink is so sweet 🙂
What you’re feeling is normal as I feeling like that a year and a half back after my op. I was hospitalised for almost a week but was still weak to get about and was on MC for close to 7 weeks. During that time, I couldn’t do much with Sophie but thankfully she was very understanding and didn’t make any unreasonable demands. Do rest up and wish you a speedy recovery 🙂