Introducing: Sharp Plasmacluster Air-Purifying System + Giveaway!

As a mother, I always want the best for my family, especially when it comes to nutrition and health. Recently, I’ve paid extra attention to the quality of our indoor air too. Why? We spend most of our time indoor, but we may not be aware that the indoor air that we breathe is often filled with unseen contaminants such as bacteria, virus, mould, allergens, and even odours.

Exposure to these contaminants causes allergies, irritations and poor quality sleep. In long-term, it will also cause health problems, including asthma or respiratory problems.

Having said this, I don’t mean that I’ve to shut all our windows and doors to prevent contaminants from entering our home. I also don’t want to kill myself with a complicated cleaning and sanitizing process.


I’m glad that I’ve discovered Sharp Plasmacluster! It has since become an important part of my family. It’s my optimum point between an allergen-free home, comfort and convenience. I’ll tell you why.

1. It purifies the air like Nature does!

This patented world’s most advanced air-purifying system by Sharp generates ions that attack and deactivate airborne contaminants, leaving the air clean and purified, just exactly the way our Nature does it!

If you’re interested on the technical aspect, here is how it works. Sharp Plasmacluster uses the water and oxygen molecules that are readily present in the air as its base material to generate the same positive and negative ions as those that exists in the perfectly-balanced natural environment. That’s why we always feel that the air is fresher and cleaner on highlands and in forests.

2. I get purified air with just a touch of button!

I don’t like to complicate my life with too many products – air freshener, sanitizing spray, deodorizer, disinfectant etc. Sharp Plasmacluster is ALL that I need, I’ll switch it on the moment I get home. With just a touch of button, I’ve a sense of calmness knowing the fact that the air we’re breathing in is clean and purified.

3. It’s an efficient odour-buster too!

When it comes to odour and contaminated air, it’s easy to get obsessive with face masks; even though that’s the last person I’d like to be. With Sharp Plasmacluster, I just have to turn it on for 15 mins and the smell is gone completely!

With the excellent odour-busting effect of my Sharp Plasmacluster, we’re no longer afraid of tucking into an aromatic and pungent meal at home. Oh yes, we welcome durian parties too. So, please bring them on!

4. Beat the haze!

Have you seen hazy skies on the horizon lately? It was reported in Straits Times recently that the haze has returned as air quality dips to ‘moderate’ in northern Singapore. The NEA attributed the hazy conditions to the south-west winds blowing smoke over from hotspots in Sumatra; something that is beyond our control but is affecting our health.

Fine particles in a haze can cause irritation of the nose, throat, airways, skin and eyes. We may experience sneezing, running nose, eye irritation, dry throat and dry cough as a result of inhaling the air pollutants. Children and the elderly are more vulnerable to the effects of haze due to their weaker immune system.

I do realize, however, that there is something I can do to protect Little Edison from the danger of haze. By using Sharp Plasmacluster, haze is gone entirely from my home!

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion System (Model: IG-DX10E)


Now, let’s take a look at my Sharp Plasmacluster Ion System. I shall share with you on how I use it to keep my home allergen-free and its maintenance.

I like the fact that it is compact in size. So, it can be positioned vertically or horizontally, fitting into any space available in our house. It is designed with adjustable louver, so airflow can be directed flexibly to effectively remove odours.

The fan can be adjusted to three operating speeds – Full Power, High and Low. The Low (quiet mode) is useful for operating the unit when we’re sleeping, as it will only produce a noise level of 26dB. Its low power consumption is an added bonus too. At only 3 watts, it emits high density ions that can effectively keep our room clean while saving on our electricity bill and giving us a good night sleep.

The pictures below pretty much illustrate how I use my Sharp Plasmacluster:

1. Connect the AC adapter into the power supply and input terminal of Sharp Plasmacluster. Press the Operation Button to start it and to change between the 3 operating modes (Low, High, Full Power).


2. I put Sharp Plasmacluster at the midpoint of my living hall in an upward position on a desk. It sends ions throughout the hall to purify and deodorize the air.


3. I place Sharp Plasmacluster flat on the floor to work against allergens on the floor, especially in bedrooms and near our boy’s playing area.


4. I also put Sharp Plasmacluster in my bathroom, so it deodorizes clothing and hanging laundry, as well as inhibits proliferation of mould on walls.


5. I place it in a forward position on the study table and around computer equipments. Ions are propelled forward to purify the air and eliminate static electricity.


6. I use it during bed time too. It really made a difference and he sleeps much better at night now.

It’s very easy to maintain the system. You just need to take care of the filter. The filter must be cleaned regularly (monthly or more often depending on your usage) in order to maintain the ion density.

To do this, simply pull out the filter at the bottom of the unit and sweep away the dust with a vacuum sweeper. Stubborn dirt can be removed by rinsing it in water using a soft sponge. No complicated cleaning or maintenance procedure. Just the way I like it!

If the total operating time passes approximately 17,500 hours (that’s approx. 2 years if the unit is operated 24 hours a day), the Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit needs to be replaced. When this happens, the Unit Replacing Light will flash.

Good health begins at home with clean air!

Sharp Plasmacluster benefits me and my family in many different ways. After a long working day, I really look forward to coming home to my “clean and allergen-free home”. I feel extremely refreshing when I’m home with my Sharp Plasmacluster.

There are more reasons to use a Sharp Plasmacluster than not to. Cleaner air means being healthier. Once you have it at home, you’ll find that there are numerous benefits to owning one. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.

With Sharp Plasmacluster, everyone enjoys clean and purified air at home. I can effortlessly remove all the harmful pollutants that are circulating in the air inside my home. By having cleaner air, I have a healthier family too. Everyone’s health can be improved from breathing cleaner air.

The way I see it, good health begins at home with clean air. A little investment doesn’t hurt when the pay-off is a healthy and happy family! At a retail price of $399, it’s a great product – for your own health, safety and comfort!


Win It!

Okay, it’s time for the most exciting part now – YES, A GIVEAWAY! Thanks to Sharp, we’re giving away 1 set of Sharp Plasmacluster Ion System (Model: IG-DX10E) worth $399 to one of you.

All you need to do is answer this question and e-mail your answer to in the format stated below. It’s so easy!

“Tell us why you should win Sharp Plasmacluster. How will it benefit you or your family?”

In this format:

  • Subject header: Sharp Plasmacluster | | IG-DX10E
  • Name:
  • NRIC:
  • DOB:
  • Hp:
  • Email:
  • Reason:

This contest is opened to all readers. However, the winning item has to be collected from Sharp-Roxy Singapore’s Office.

Contest closing date: 30 Sep 2012, Sunday 0000hrs. Winner will be notified in early October ‘12. Good luck!

Update on 6 Oct 2012:

Our lucky winner is Tan Lee Buay!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sharp Plasmacluster. Views and opinions are my own.

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Willyn September 12, 2012 at 7:21 PM

Haven’t heard that one, but it’s great, would try it 🙂

Emily September 13, 2012 at 8:29 AM

Hi Willyn,
Yes, it’s pretty cool. I’m kinda interested to get a portable one for my car and office too. 🙂

Haruki September 15, 2012 at 10:12 PM

I bought one from and it arrived last week, I’ve been using it every night in my bedroom, with my Baby Xin. But your model is smaller and cuter!

Emily September 16, 2012 at 9:10 AM

Hi Haruki,
Hope you enjoy using the product. My boy now knows how to switch it on by himself, and it has been a MUST for him to use it every night. Personally, I find that we all sleep better after using the air purifier at bedtime.

Rachel October 22, 2012 at 1:52 PM

Hi gal~ may I know where can I get this?? I’ve hard time finding it … Thanks!!

Emily October 22, 2012 at 3:15 PM

Hi Rachel,
I found the store locator here:

Hope it helps! 🙂

candy February 1, 2013 at 7:00 PM

i brought one last year. it useless if you use it at home but make alot different when you use it in office.


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