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A Peek into My Life as a Full-Time Working Mom

Over at MamaJ’s blog, there is an interesting linky party called “Day in a Life” where mommies share how their ‘typical’ day looks like, and with pictures. I’ve always wonder how is it like being a stay-at-home mom, how other full-time working moms juggle their career and family, and how a work-from-home mom spends her day.

Through this linky, I get a glimpse into their wonderful world. It’s so exciting to know what other mommies are doing every day. Therefore, I’m inspired to share mine too, and this is a peek into my typical weekday. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Special thanks to MamaJ for starting this linky and all the mommies who have shared their interesting Day in a Life!


My alarm clock buzzes like an angry bumblebee. I creep out of my bed while everyone else is still sound asleep. Today started like any other day in my life – I wake up, take a shower, apply some make-up, get dressed, pack my breakfast to office, and have an enormously large cup of coffee before I start my engine. Coffee addict, anyone?


I wake our boy up and prepare him for school. The Husband goes to work around 7am. Since his office is at the other side of the island, he is excused from the ‘chauffeuring’ duty and he drives to work on his own.


I start the engine and speed off to school. Our boy’s kindergarten is about 20 minutes drive from our home. During the journey, there are 3 things that he’ll likely do in the car: 1) tell me stories, 2) catch some extra 20 minutes of sleep, and 3) have a quick electronics fix on my iPhone.


This is our boy, Little Edison. He’s giving me that ‘why-seven-early-eight-early-take-picture-of-me’ kind of face when I try to snap this picture of him.


Reach school, send our boy into his classroom and give him a goodbye kiss. My parents-in-law will pick him up after school at 11am. Then, I take a slow drive to my office as the traffic is usually heavy by now. This is my first favourite part of my day – I blast my music and catch-up on my Facebook in-between traffics.


On my way to office, I drop by my mom-in-law’s place to visit her. She was down with food poisoning since Monday. My FIL has kindly offered to take care of our boy so that we don’t have to take time-off from work.

I’m joking with the Husband that all hell breaks lose today because the disciplinarian is out sick. Both of them will party the whole afternoon, feast on bak kua, potato chips and ice water. I don’t think they will even take their shower. And he laugh!


I reach my office at 8:40am. I boot up my laptop and have my breakfast, while I download my hundreds of e-mails. I respond to the important messages and dash off for my first conference call of the day at 9:00am. *Yawn!*



Back at my desk, respond to all other messages and start my work.


Lunch time and this is my second favourite part of my day! I have a quick half an hour lunch in my office canteen, which is almost-free. We only need to pay 50 cents for one meal. I spend the next half an hour checking my personal e-mails and catch-up on my blog reading and Facebook.



Back to work. I need my coffee! Reports piling up and look at my giant calculator! Am I still awake? You bet! Work, work, work and fast-forward to 6pm. I’m finally awake!



I leave my office on the dot (secret to survival!). If there is any unfinished business that needs to be solved within the day, I’ll bring them home as my ‘homework’ at night. It has been a great week so far, I haven’t had any ‘homework’ to bring home.



Reach my parents-in-law’s house, which is just 10 minutes’ drive from my office. Usually, I’ll play a ball game or go cycling with our boy, and take our dinner here before we return to our home. However, my mom-in-law is unwell this week, so we told her not to cook dinner.



The Husband is back at my parents-in-law’s house. We go for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants – Wild Oats at Punggol Park. The serving size is quite big, reasonable prices and no service-charge!



Everyone has a full tummy; we take a short walk at the park before we head home.


We take our shower and get ready for our study time. I spend half an hour doing worksheets with him – it’s either English and Chinese OR Maths and Chinese. After which, we’ll read a book, play some games or watch a cartoon together. I want him to learn Chinese from Kai-Lan, but he chooses Spanish from Dora instead. Argh, my Ang-Moh son!



Tug the boy to bed and finally declare ME-TIME! The Husband will attempt to tell me stories about his work now (finally his turn!), even though he knows that I’ll be partially-listening. My battery level is almost flat by now.

Finally, we sit down, exchange our stories, have some snacks and read the newspapers, before we crash into bed at 11:15pm.

I try my best to strike a balance between my career and family life, even though it’s no simple task in today’s fast-paced world. Most of the days, I wake up feeling very lucky and contented for having the life that I want – a great job (although a bit mundane), a great kid (super cute and loving), a great husband (supportive and understanding), wonderful parents-in-law who take great care of Little Edison when we’re at work, and many great life experiences.

I certainly wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

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Hi Emily,

We FTWMs are pretty similar! Yes, leave on the dot is definitely the most important factor for us to survive!

Me, me, me coffee addict too!! Big cup in the morning, one after lunch if I am too sleepy, or one during lunch if I lunch with kopi kaki, and another boast in the afternoon! Else, can’t work, haha!

Love the peak into your life. Love your HK mug too 😛 It’s great that you can leave on the dot. It was really difficult for me to leave on the dot when I was working FT.

looks like I found another Hello Kitty lover friend 🙂
And just $0.50 for lunch is pretty amazing!

Agree with Mrs Kam, leaving office at the dot is critical!!! I need to discipline my self for that:-/.

A fast-paced, hectic, multi-tasking day – we work hard in the office but our reward is the family time that awaits once we knock off! Hope your mil is feeling much better. We’ve not ventured to Punggol Park yet but if we do, we’ll definitely try out Wild Oats! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Hey, your desk is very neat! 🙂 I am a SAHM now. I miss my lunchtime. Somehow, not tending to my children when they are around, makes me feel guilty… Wild Oats at Punggol looks good. I must check it out one day. Nice to have a walk after dinner. I feel the restedness from your post. So your boy get to sleep by 10pm ya? When I was working, my children were sleeping past 10, sometimes 11pm. That was one of the reason I stopped work. Looks like you are doing well! 🙂 It’s great reading about a FTWM’s… Read more »

Maybe can share how you spend your weekends too! Observed that you are a hello kitty fan from your car and office decor. Heehee.

Oh my god, 50cents for lunch??! You can save a lot of $$$$. Over at the CBD, i find it extremely hard to keep within 10bucks :p

Thks for sharing details about ur day. Im a mom of twin boys, they’re about 20mths now n just started childcare. I’ve decided to not continue e my domestic helper m now feeling quite anxious abt having to handle everything. Experiences like yours really help me in my journey!

Thanks for sharing your day in the life. I always wonder how other families do it – this full time work and small children is certainly a challenge! I was suprised at how late your little Edison stays up, but it sounds like that is the culture there, and great that you still get time to do worksheets with him. My son (just turned 7) wakes up at around 7:15am, and is definitely ready for bed at 7:30pm (which is bed time for both kids at my house) but I rarely get them to bed on time after trying to… Read more »