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Celebrating our Children: Hop, Hold, Swing!

I love this picture, its joyousness, innocence and vitality! It was taken last weekend at the playground opposite our apartment.

When I first brought our boy to this playground few weeks ago, he was scared of this blue swing as it gave a loud squeaky noise every time it moves. Fortunately, someone has fixed it, and it can finally swing smoothly without any squeaky noise.

So, our boy had great fun swinging around with a bunch of kids of his age. I stood a distance away, admiring their carefree innocence and joyousness. They are infectious. I’m inspired to watch how fantastic and energetic they are.

At that moment, I wish I can be a child again – and be able to look at things in an uncomplicated manner, receive all the outside impression without any filter and without any judgement. Life should be that simple, isn’t it?

Back to our boy, Little Edison – he was an easy baby to look after on the whole, and he still is an easy child to look after now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the same rule still applies when he goes through his teenage years.

Every morning when I wake up, I appreciate having such a wonderful son who is so loving, caring, reasonable and spirited. He continually amazes me as he reveals the various facets of his beautiful personality.

I feel so proud to be his mom, and I’m really glad to have him in my life.

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One of the great things about being a parent for me is to be able to relive my childhood through Lil Pumpkin.. this is a love ly post Emily 🙂

Aww so sweet! Life is so much sweeter in our lives with them around isn’t it 🙂