Let’s Talk About Body Hygiene

I’ve a confession to make. It’s something that I knew, but couldn’t admit, not even to myself until now. I’m a perfectionist in personal hygiene, and I’m very meticulous in daily cleaning and my choice of products to be used to achieve a clean, fresh and germ-free body.

I’m particularly sensitive to body odour too, so much so that the Husband needs to take a bath before he goes near me at bedtime. And the truth is, it really irritates him a lot when I’m constantly asking “Dear, have you showered?”

This is a scenario that happened a week ago. V had a long day outdoor supervising an audit. When he got home, he was sweaty and smelly as he has been perspiring the whole day. As usual, Little Edison will run to him every time he gets home from work.

On this particular day, he made a sudden detour and said, “Ewww, Papa is so smelly!” Good or bad, he inherited my sensitivity to smell and body odour.

I quickly dashed out my Lifebuoy anti-bacterial bodywash in the new LemonFresh variant, and said “Dear, let’s try this!” He grabbed the bottle and rushed to the bathroom. After a shower, he felt totally refreshed, rejuvenated and squeaky-clean. Our boy was all “Daddy, you smell great! Okay, you can hug me now!”

Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh

Lifebuoy’s new LemonFresh

For many people, a lemon smell has come to symbolize cleanliness. Personally, I find that the citrus smell of a lemon is very refreshing and invigorating. Lifebuoy’s new LemonFresh variant is particularly suitable in managing unpleasant body odour.

Retaining the same trusted benefits of the original Lifebuoy bodywash, LemonFresh is also formulated with the natural benefits and fragrance of lemons. The result is long-lasting protection from germs that cause body odour, and freshness!

Now, let’s talk a little bit on lemons. Lemons not only have antibacterial properties, but they also have a natural freshness. This is the reason why lemons are often used as an ingredient in cooking to add a refreshing flavour.

We can get rid of body odour and say goodbye to awkward situations associated with body odour with the all-new Lifebuoy LemonFresh! It’s a germ-kill bodywash that combats body odour at the same time that we all love!

Edison loves Lemon Fresh!

What causes body odour?

Do you know what the real cause of body odour is? Yes, it’s GERMS – you’re right! In order to maintain a good hygiene habits, it’s not about one-time usage to kill germs. It’s about staying one step ahead to prevent infections. This is an important point that I like to highlight, again and again.

Effective germ killing cannot be achieved with regular soap alone. As the world’s first anti-bacterial soap brand, and with over 100 years of history in saving lives, Lifebuoy is the World’s No. 1 Germ Protection soap. Lifebuoy with its patented Active 5 technology provides fast and effective 99.9% germ kill.

Lifebuoy Body Wash

Do you realize that body odour can be very awkward and it’s the main culprit for social embarrassment? Sometimes, everybody around him / her may know that he / she has it, but that person is totally unaware of it. I’m sure that you’ve seen such person in public, particularly when you’re taking public transport during the peak hours. You know what I mean.

Although body odour can be also attributed to several factors, including genes and poor internal health, it is largely a result of poor personal hygiene. When we don’t take baths or shower as often as we should, bacteria is accumulated on the surface of our skin.

Secondly, we often perspire when we participate in our daily activities. The sweat from our pores gradually combines with the bacteria on the surface of our skin. When the sweat on our skin dries, it creates an unpleasant smell and causes us to emanate bad odour.

Thirdly, the hot and humid climate in Singapore causes us to perspire more frequently, and even a short walk in the outdoor causes us to perspire. Sad to say, sweat is not always sexy. It embarrasses us and makes us stink! So, let us to eliminate the nasty bacteria that thrives under humid conditions by using anti-bacterial soap.

Some people may attempt to mask up their body odour using strong perfumes and deodorants, but this isn’t a permanent solution. We should target the root cause of the problem and eliminate bacteria on our skin for long-lasting effects.

Now, the good news is we can take control of our personal hygiene through regular use of anti-bacterial bodywash to eliminate bacteria and unpleasant body odour.

Lifebuoy Body Wash

Tips to eliminate body odour

Here are some useful tips to eliminate body odour:

1. Use a loofah or body towel to clean yourself thoroughly in the areas where you’re more likely to sweat often. Don’t neglect the hard-to-reach areas as they need to be cleaned too. Use a long-handled brush to reach these areas.

2. Use an anti-bacterial soap like Lifebuoy LemonFresh Bodywash to eliminate bacteria on the surface of your skin.

3. Wear clean clothes with natural fibres such as cotton, as it allows your skin to breathe.

Before I end this post, I like to share with you some interesting comics. In a bid to promote good body hygiene practices, Lifebuoy introduced a series of comic strip advertisements which portrayed social settings where body odour hinders us from living life to the fullest, and even dampening our mood.

These comic-type advertisements were a big hit with consumers in the 1930s, when we still don’t have TV commercials and social media yet. It’s interesting to discover how product advertisement can be made using comic-strips!

Enjoy! (Click on the picture to view the larger version)




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