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Rachel Lim, a mom blogger with two lovely boys, inspires me to write this blog post about my dreams. Before I embark on my writing, I ask myself what is the difference between dreams and goals.

I believe all of us have dreams and goals. Very often, we hear people use these terms interchangeably as if they were the same thing. And I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked, “What are your goals in life?” or “So what is your dream?”

Are they the same? I’m not 100% sure either. To ensure I’m on the right track, I did a search to have a clear understanding of these two words. Here’s what I got:

A goal is a well-defined target; that is focused, specific, short-term and involves things that are under our direct control. A dream, on the other hand, can be big and seems unrealistic at first glance. It doesn’t have to be as focused or specific as a goal. Some dreams could look five to ten years into our future; and others could even span our entire lifetime.

In short, dreams are our ultimate destination, while goals are the intermediate stops along the way. Dreams represent what we want, while goals represent our grand plans to get us there. Now, I’m crystal clear on these two words, and I hope you do too.

Dreams = Desired end product while Goals = Means to achieve dreams.

Too often when people ask me what my dreams are for the future, I’m too embarrassed to tell them what I really dream about, instead I find myself replying with “I want to be richer” or “I want a promotion at work” but nothing specific and nothing spectacular.

Today, I’m going to forget about all these and share with you my big dream. Really BIG dream, I mean it.

I want to be my own boss!

Starting our own business is a dream that many people have, and so do I. I want to start my own online business on something that I’m truly passionate about, earn a substantial part-time income and slowly growing it into full-time.

This dream came about after I attended the launch of a new SOHO-styled apartment in Sengkang with the Hubby last year. Home office is gaining popularity in Singapore nowadays, and I thought it’s pretty cool to set-up an office as such, in the full comfort of my home.

I’ll have my own online business, my own office in our SOHO apartment, doing something that I’m truly passionate about, work on flexi-hours, and at the same time, I can spend more quality time for my family.

I did share my dream with V, but his standard reply was, “Dear, you have a well-paid job, you can leave your office on the dot every day, your company gives you a wide range of benefits – medical, dental, insurance etc, etc. Is it worth quitting your job and take such a risk?”

I think he is right, he’s not just whistling Dixie. I cringe at the thought of losing a well-paid job and steady income. I’m not emotionally-ready to take the risks and step out of my comfort zone. Nonetheless, I didn’t scrap that idea and I still hope that I can realize this dream in future.

Rachel said this in her post, “A dream is just a dream if no action is made after words were spoken and the absence of constancy and perseverance.” I couldn’t agree more with her. So, to help me achieve my dreams, these are what I need to do to keep me going:

1. Be inspired – do some case studies, find some inspirations and see what I can learn from so many successful online businesses out there.

2. Take care of my health (health is everything!) – eat well, maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and continue to live a balanced life.

3. Try to exercise – I still need to get rid of that 5kg, so I try to jog at least once a week now.

4. Gain support – nothing beats having the full support from my spouse and family members, and it’s the cornerstone of everything that I do.

5. Save money – I’m being more mindful about the money I spend. I need to save money as the capital to fund my own business.

6. Find something to be thankful for – Some days I’m skipping with happiness and hope. Other days I’m just miserable and frustrated. I’ve found a nice new habit to do, whether it is a good day or a bad day, and that is – to find three things to be thankful for every day. It keeps me going!

Honestly, I don’t think I’m a naturally disciplined and focused person. I’m more like an “all over the place” person. I always find myself having so many interests and passions, and at the end, I tend to lose focus. Writing this post helped me to gain clarity into my own dreams and goals. I’m just glad that I did it.

Our dreams are our road to life. They are the epitome of everything that we want to be. A person without dreams is like a big city without streets or a ground to walk on. Having a dream also shows others that we know where we are heading in life.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis (British Scholar and Novelist. 1898-1963)

If you’re also thinking about your dreams, leave a comment here to share your thoughts. Who knows we may inspire each other along the way!

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I’ll cheer for you Emily! All the best in realizing your dream! keep working on it and never have the thought of giving up. 🙂

I stand behind you too Emily that one day that dream will come to fruition very soon, one day, I am very sure of it! I like it that u have already started taking a few steps closer to achieving that dream, and not just thinking about it 🙂 Kambatte!