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We made it to the Legoland! (Part 1)

After much anticipation, we made it to the Legoland finally. We went on a weekday to avoid the crowd, and I’m so glad that we did. Overall, the trip was fun and the waiting time for rides was acceptable, despite a little bit of rain.

Tickets were booked online with just a few clicks, and we happily made our way to Nusajaya. It was a short 15 minutes drive from Tuas checkpoint, the journey was a breeze and we didn’t get lost in direction. Yay! I suppose the signboards are pretty good and clear.


The park opens at 10am, and we reached there at around 11:30am. The car park is so huge that walking from there to the main entrance alone took us ten minutes, and surprisingly, there are no car park charges.

Legoland has seven themed areas of attractions – The Beginning, LEGO® Technic, LEGO Kingdoms, Imagination, LEGO City, Land of Adventure and MINILAND. We managed to explore all the seven themed areas and experienced quite a lot of rides during our visit.

The Beginning
Mini Market

This is the first themed area that you’ll land after stepping into Legoland, that’s why it’s called The Beginning. There are no rides here but you can find shops such as The Big Shop (LEGO products), The Brick Shop (spare bricks and customised LEGO figures) and Mini Market (snacks and drinks). Stroller rental is also available here.


If you have a preschooler, I’m sure LEGO City is going to be their favourite. The NISSAN driving school is basically a mock-up driving school for children with cars made from giant LEGO bricks. There are circuits with traffic lights, sign boards as well as driving instructors!

Nissan Driving School

The driving school is separated into two sections – Junior Driving School for the 3 to 5 years old, and Driving School for the 6 and above. Little Edison was delighted to have two rounds of driving at the Junior Driving School.

Nissan Driving School


Junior Driving School

As he was waving happily to me, he banged on someone’s car from behind and he said, “My friend’s car is too slow. I banged on him so that he can move faster!” I thought that was funny.

Driving School
Driving School for the 6 years old and above

After the driving fun, we walked to The Shipyard. It’s a big outdoor playground, and our boy went crazy again. While he was playing, V went to queue at the Boating School. The waiting time was 30 minutes; this is the only ride that made us queue for so long.

The Shipyard

The Shipyard

The Shipyard

The Shipyard

The Shipyard

The boat ride was short but super fun. Edison had a tough time manoeuvring the boat with his little hands, and alas he gave up after one round.

Boating School

Boat Ride

Boat Ride

The sky was getting really dark now, rain clouds were everywhere. So, after the boat ride, we stopped for lunch at the Market Restaurant and I had the most expensive chicken rice I’ve ever had in Malaysia. That chicken rice combo set (comes with drinks and fruits) costs me RM21!

Just five minutes after we settled with our table and food, it was pouring rain! The crowd rushed into the restaurant for shelter, and we were lucky to get in just five minutes before the rain came. Otherwise, we’ll be soaked in rain. We had a slow lunch while waiting for the rain to stop.

To be continued in Part 2

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We usually have our lunch at the mall outside legoland. They are linked & there’s wider selection of food choice plus some outlets have free wifi. There’s old town, kfc, BK, chicken rice shop, Thai food etc all at good price. So normally, we would just tour around Lego city which is close to the entrance, then head out for lunch & go back in. It’s also our refuge when it pours.