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What I Like Best About My Son?

Edison - 5 years old

A friend recently asked me what I like best about my son. I love this question and I felt a strong urge to answer her. With his presence, each day I can find something that is better than the day before. Each day when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore than I do today; and tomorrow would come and prove me wrong.

Little Edison turned five in September this year. He’s a wonderful boy who is caring, loving, reasonable and has a gentle character. He continually amazes me as he reveals the various facets of his beautiful personality each day.


In fact, he has grown into a sensible boy with a heart of gold. He cares so much for the people around him – especially to me. Two weeks ago, when I fell ill and had to quarantine myself in our study room, he checked on me few times at night. He covered me with blanket, gently kissed me and said “I love Mama” before he finally went to sleep.

He knows that all of us love him a lot. And he knows that I love him with all my heart, mind and soul. Because of this, his love tank is always full that he has an unlimited capacity to love, accept and care for others with no fear of not getting the same in return.


Little Edison is also a very reasonable and understanding boy in general. He has seen me having a very busy time at night. He’ll not disturb me when I’m rushing for work. Although I tried so hard not to sacrifice family time for work, but sometimes it’s very hard to avoid – unless I can turn into a robot that can operate without any sleep. But I’m not.

For the same reason, I really appreciate his excellent capacity to entertain himself for up to an hour or two. He has a wild imagination and he loves to make up his own adventures with his super heroes and action characters. And he’ll play all by himself without disturbing me.


At a tender age of five, he always surprises me with his strong determination. When he sets his mind to do something, he’ll finish it. Even for a complicated task that I find quite challenging for him, he’ll go all the way and never look back. He likes to say “Never say never!” whenever I mention “Never mind boy, this is too difficult for you”.

What I love most about being a parent is watching him turn into his own person a little bit more each day. There is always something to discover, appreciate and be thankful for in this wonderful journey of parenting!

What do you like best about your children? And what do you love most about being a parent? I love to hear from you too!


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