Down with a Lung Infection

This Chinese New Year started a little rocky for me. I had a cough on the first day of CNY, and within days it manifested into wheezing cough with phlegm. My airways was congested, I felt breathless whenever I cough.

I went to see a GP, and he suspected that I could be suffering from asthma. I had two treatments with nebulizer in his clinic, and my condition was slightly improved. I also told him about my medical condition; I had an autoimmune disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis. So, could this be another form of attack?

He couldn’t rule that out. Since I do not have any history of asthma, it could also be due to lung infection or bronchitis. And he advised me to see my rheumatologist the next day for further examination.


I had to take a day off from work to see my rheumatologist. Then, he referred me to a respiratory specialist for further scans and tests. I was admitted to the hospital that day. It was quite unexpected.

I’m back with more medication now. Sigh. I need to take antibiotics for the next two weeks, and I really hated it. Every morning after taking the antibiotics, I feel nauseous and dizzy for about two hours before the side effects start to take-off.

Blue black mark on my hand after a Heart CT Scan & medication of the week

They said that in year 2013, people born in the year of Snake will offend the Tai Sui. I’m not a superstitious person, but sometimes things happened and I just have to believe it. It’s going to be a tough year for me, but I’m prepared for it.

V brought me to the temple to pray to Tai Sui. It’s my first time praying to Tai Sui, and it’s really not that difficult. My brother-in-law also went to the temple to pray to Tai Sui for me, which I’m extremely thankful for.

Next week, I’ll be seeing my rheumatologist to discuss on a new treatment for Wegener. It’s an expensive treatment, but I’ve decided to go proceed. Ultimately, money can be earned back but health not.

I want a clean bill of health by 2014! Jiayou!

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8 thoughts on “Down with a Lung Infection

  1. I am having the worst cough ever during cny period too. cough until my throat almost torn into half.

    GP said the cough virus is real bad this season.

    get well soon Emily!

  2. HI Emily,
    Hope you’re feeling much better now. Our health is most important but often gets most neglected. Wishing you good health for you and your family this new year.

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