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As a parent, one of my favourite things to do is to listen to my son’s talking. I love to hear the thoughts that come out of his head.

Yesterday, he went for a school excursion to the Singapore Zoo to see the pandas. Here is an amusing conversation with him this morning when we talked about his Zoo trip:

Me: How many pandas did you see at the Zoo yesterday?

Edison: Only one. I only saw his backside.

Me: (chuckled) So, the panda was not looking at you?

Edison: Nope!

Me: What did you have for lunch?

Edison: KFC! I eat pop corn chicken. I eat fries. I drink gassy drink (he’s referring to soft drink). I left one piece of chicken, I cannot finish. I’m very full.

I can feel that he really enjoys eating KFC!

Me: Okay. Did you put on the seat belt when you’re on the bus?

Edison: Mrs. Lee put it on for me. (Mrs. Lee is his form teacher)

Me: Good. You must always put on seat belt. If not, the traffic police will catch you.

Edison: No, I will shoot them like a gangster!

Me: What!? There is no gangster in Singapore. You cannot become a gangster. Gangsters are bad people.

Edison: Yes, there is! Gangster shoots fire at the policeman. I want to become a gangster!

Me: (speechless)

I did some soul-searching after the conversation. Maybe it’s our fault for letting him play on those gangster games on our smartphones. Kids learn very fast, it’s time to delete away those games with negative influences on my phone.

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