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Marie France Bodyline to My Rescue (Part 1)

Me - Jan 2013

This is the aftermath of taking steroids for over 8 months to treat my autoimmune disorder. Weight gain of 7kg, round chubby face, flabby tummy, thunder thighs, and I could go on. The effect is dramatic, as you can see.

I jumped for joy when I found out that I was being selected to try out two slimming treatments at Marie France Bodyline. I haven’t been to a slimming treatment before, and I really didn’t know what to expect.

Prior to steroids, I’ve also never been particularly fussy about my figure as I was always in a healthy BMI range. As a matter of fact, it has never crossed my mind to spend over $300 for a slimming treatment.

But now, the situation is different. I woke up with a painful realization that my tummy is getting bigger and I can no longer fit into any of the pants in my wardrobe. Friends and colleagues were speculating that I’m expecting due to my weight gain, and I’ve clarified for the 99th times that I’m NOT pregnant!

All of a sudden, slimming treatments become a priority to me!

I was offered to try out two slimming treatments at Marie France Bodyline – Intelect Spot Shaping (ISS) and Contour Sculpt Body System (CSBS). Intelect Spot Shaping is an award-winning treatment and it is very popular. Contour Sculpt Body System, on the hand, is a new therapy that is recently launched.

Originating from Switzerland and having established themselves in Singapore since 1986, Marie France Bodyline is one of the leading providers of slimming services in Asia. Marie France Bodyline’s weight management treatments are developed to address common complaints of today’s woman, including excess fat tissue, cellulite woes and lack of skin elasticity.

Marie France Bodyline Bishan

On the day of my appointment, I walked into Marie France Bodyline at Bishan Central, feeling like a tai-tai. *Ahem* The decor and ambience makes me feel completely relaxed. My session began with a personal consultation with a skilled consultant.

Marie France Bodyline Reception

Using a machine, she measured my weight, percentage of body fat, fat mass, BMI and many other weight indicators. After going through these numbers, she addressed my areas of concerns and explained how these treatments can help to reduce inches and tone my areas of concerns.

Intelect Spot Shaping (ISS)

Treatment Room 2

Treatment Room

 Treatment Room 1

Then, I was changed and led to a treatment room for the Intelect Spot Shaping. This non-invasive technology incorporates ultrasound fat breaking and Marie France Bodyline’s signature Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap concept. It’s specially created to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from undesirable spots, and in my case, I tried it on my tummy.

My treatment session with the therapist started off with a brief massage on my shoulders, neck and feet. The treatment procedure is as follows:

  1. Body treatment areas are cleansed with a warm towel
  2. Preparation of Ultrasound Gel and Anti cellulite serum mixture
  3. Application of Intelect mobile ultrasound with serum mixture for 9 minutes per area (i.e. 9 minutes each for 2 areas)
  4. Massage with Anti-Cellulite serum for 20 minutes
  5. FMS wrap on treated areas for 20 minutes

Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap works by encouraging the depletion of heat energy from within the body, forcing the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulated storage of fats to burn-off as energy. The anti-cellulite serum is applied so that it can work its magic.

The whole treatment took about 45 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed this treatment, particularly on the tummy massage and FMS wrap, with a faint scent of aromatherapy in the air, and constant checks from the therapist to ensure that I was feeling comfortable during the treatment. It was heavenly!

The Intellect Spot Shaping Treatment is available at all Marie France Bodyline outlets in Singapore at $360 per session.

And here’s the good news!

Logo_MFB SG_Color

Marie France Bodyline is offering $450 for 20 sessions of Intelect Spot Shaping treatments (U/P: $2,000) with unlimited nutritionist sessions and complimentary body fat analysis to all my blog readers. Click on picture below to view the full-size voucher. The printed voucher needs to be presented before treatment, and must be redeemed by 27 April 2013.


Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment Promo:

20 sessions at $450 (Usual Price $2,000)

  • 5 sessions Ultrasound Fat Breaking Treatment
  • 5 sessions Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  • 5 sessions Intense Trim Serum Therapy
  • 5 sessions Fat Mobilisation Body Wrap
  • Unlimited Personalised Nutritionist Sessions
  • Complimentary Body Fat Analysis
  • Offer valid for 1 month and must be redeemed by 27th April 2013.
  • Offer print out and valid ID must be presented.
  • Each offer may only be redeemed once.
  • Valid for first time customers 18 years and above.
  • Offer is not transferable and cannot be redeemed with other promotions or vouchers.
  • Appointment required, call 1800-7777-111.

In a separate post next week, I’ll share my experience with Contour Sculpt Body System treatment and another amazing discount voucher. So, please stay tuned!.

For more information regarding ISS treatment or any other weight management treatments that Marie France Bodyline has to offer, please visit their website or Facebook Page.

Disclosure: Intelect Spot Shaping treatment was provided by Marie France Bodyline for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. I do not receive commission for the purchase of e-voucher or treatments at Marie France Bodyline. 

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Jennie April 2, 2013 at 11:35 PM

$450 for 20 sessions is definitely very tempting. But all 20 sessions must be redeemed by 27 Apr or just the first session will do? Any “hidden clause” like need to take up other packages or buy their products?

Emily April 3, 2013 at 12:36 PM

Hi Jen,
The last day to purchase the package using this voucher is 27 April. As for how long you can keep the treatments after 27 April, it’s not stated there. It’s best to call them and ask. 🙂


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