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Couple of months ago, I wrote about my typical weekday routine. I’ve always wanted to write about my weekend routine, but I was too tied-up. Yesterday, I made my first attempt. Hmmm, finally, I’ve something to share with you today about my Saturday routine.

Now, you can catch a glimpse into my Saturday. This is how it goes:


My alarm clock buzzes. I kill it and go to sleep again. Saturday is the only day in the week where I can sleep in. But interestingly enough, I still put on the alarm clock the night before, even though I know that I will not wake up so early.

Strange person, am I?



Little Edison wakes up, and the very first thing that he’ll do is to wake me up. V has gone to work. So, we wake up, clean up and have our breakfast.


Now, we get ready to leave our house for his English Phonics class at 10:30am. The school is just 10 minutes drive away, so it’s quite convenient.

I recalled sending Edison to Shichida right-brain training class when he was 1 years old. Back then, I didn’t have a car yet. So, during those 1.5 years, I took public transport from Sengkang to Toa Payoh to attend the class with him. Now when I think of it, I amazed myself really. Seriously, I don’t know how I did it and what motivated me at that time.



His class starts at 10:30am and ends at 11:30am. In this one hour, I’ll go to the Cold Storage (downstairs, same building) to buy my groceries. I love going to the supermarket at this hour because there are a variety of fresh fruits for me to choose from.

I love the freshness!

Look at these strawberries! Edison will surely love them.


I pick him up from his class and we have our lunch before we head home.


Back home. We eat some fruits, watch TV and play some games.


Nap time! Edison goes for his afternoon nap, but he’s a little grumpy because I’m not joining him today. I have to clear my office e-mails and do some laundries.



He has a long nap today, wakes up at 4pm. By the time he wakes up, my works are all done. Perfect! Then, he wants to go swimming. The weather is a little cloudy, and I said “Let’s go down and take a look. If no rain, we can swim.”

He is excited and before I could finish my sentence, he already has his swimsuit on-hand. So, let’s go for some fun!


There isn’t any kid in the pool today, perhaps due to the weather. He’s okay to play by himself because poor Mama will become his shooting target. As soon as I take this picture, I get my first water shot!



We heard the thunder, and it starts to drizzle. So, we pack and go up for a shower. While waiting for V to come home, we do a revision on his English Phonics lesson today and complete all his homework.



V is back. We go out for dinner at one of my favourite Cantonese restaurants – Canton Paradise. The highlight for today’s dinner is the roast duck. I can never get enough! After dinner, we go shopping at the mall before we return home at 9:30pm.



We’re home! We take a shower and spend some family time before we crash into bed at 11pm.

So, that’s how my Saturday is like when V is working. This month, he has been very busy and he has to work on all Saturdays. Next week, I hope to share how my Sunday looks like and it will be completely different. So, please stay tuned!

How does your Saturday routine looks like? Share with me by leaving a comment or in a blog post (if you have a blog). I love to hear from you too!

P/S: All pictures are taken using my Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Nice to see your routine, I like one good part of ur routine is that u don’t cook lunch or dinner..we normally cook all meals at home So if u hear my routine,, I spend my weekend mostly in kitchen 🙂

Hi Shakti,
Yeah, we seldom cook on weekends. We try to bring Edison out as often as possible on weekends, cos we’re unable to do it on weekdays. So, cooking is minimized to save time. 🙂

Hehe I don’t set an alarm clock on weekends for sure, because those are the two days I don’t have to wake up at 5.15AM! My Saturday is very low-key; I don’t travel far because Layla has class in church in the afternoon, and after that she gets home to Skype with her best friend until dinner time. 🙂

Hi Evelyn,
I’ll join you to wake up at 5:15am next year, haha! This year, I can still zzz until 6:15am. Maybe it’s a habit to put an alarm clock before I sleep, that’s why it’s still on during the weekends. Most of the time, I’ll be too lazy to wake up and I’ll just kill it off and continue to sleep.

I love how you spend your saturdays, well spent and meaningful, as for me, my saturday is spent doing a bit of volunteer, I give free tuition to a kid with autism, and it is only for one hour, so my saturday is quite relaxing and meaningful, looking forward to your post on how you spend your Sundays. Cheers!