Five Fun Ways to Learn Spelling


Spelling test? Love it or hate it, we just have to face it. Most preschools in Singapore start spelling test at K1 level, but for Edison’s school, they start a year later at K2.

He has English spelling test on Monday and Chinese spelling test on Friday. From Monday to Wednesday, he will practice for his Chinese spelling test. From Thursday to Saturday, he will practice for his English spelling test. And the cycle repeats again for the following week.

I admit it – it is no fun. When he didn’t have any spelling test last year (K1), I was worried that he might be missing out something important. But this year when he finally has it, I dread practising spelling with him.

Edison dreads learning spelling too because he finds that spelling practice is very boring. Instead of plain writing and memorizing, I’m trying to practise spelling by using a variety of mediums and games. Thankfully, these ideas increase his motivation to practice spelling.

Spelling practice doesn’t have to be B-O-R-I-N-G!

1. Use a white board or chalk board

Instead of using plain papers, I use a white board or chalk board that he enjoys for drawing. We try to use colourful fun markers so that he can enjoy writing on these mediums. It saves on papers too!

2. Use a computer

I let him type the words on my computer. I also show him how to change to different fonts and colours to make it fun. To a kid, typing a word on the computer is fun and cool. So, it motivates him to practice his spelling too.

3. Use letter magnets, letter flashcards or Scrabble pieces

This is quite fun. Let him arrange the letters to form a word using letter magnets, flashcards or Scrabble pieces.

4. Learn spelling in the car

When we’re on the go, we’re usually in a good mood. That makes learning spelling easy. So, I bring along our iPad and using an apps called Chalk Pad, he can practice writing and spelling when we’re on the go. By the time we reach our destination, he has sufficient to learn at least five new words.

5. Create a crossword puzzle or word search puzzle

You can make your own puzzle or create online using various tools. I like to use the puzzlemaker from Discovery Education.

If spelling tests are stressing you out more than your kids, try the above creative fun ways to liven your spelling practice. And if you have other creative ideas, do add-on to my list by leaving a comment here. I love to hear from you too!

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