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Lose that Belly Fat for Real with OTO Mbraze + Giveaway!

Excess belly fat is one of the most challenging areas of the body to reduce. So, what’s the best way to get rid of it? This is the question frequently asked by people, including me. The answer that I get is “There is no magic pill or short cut. Losing your belly fat requires a healthy eating and exercise program.”

Oh yes, I can eat healthily but I don’t have time to exercise. What can I do? Many people think that ‘I can’t find time to exercise’ is an excuse. But in reality, if you’re juggling a demanding career, motherhood and family life, you know what it means by ‘no time to exercise’.

Even if you can squeeze 20 minutes to exercise, you need someone to look after your kids before you can step out of the house to exercise. If you don’t have an extra pair of hands, that’s the tricky part. Just as I was wondering what I can do at home to lose those belly fat, OTO sent me their latest product, OTO Mbraze MB-50 for review.

OTO Mbraze2

I jumped for joy when the product was delivered to my house. Frankly, I was quite enthusiastic about it. “Baby, you came at the right time! Please do your magic to slim down my waistline.” And I can’t wait to use it!

Okay, you might have tried the conventional slimming belt before that rely merely on vibration. I bought one few years ago, and I can’t tell you how much I hate those vibrations because they made my belly super uncomfortable and ridiculously itchy after using the slimming belt.

The new OTO Mbraze MB-50!

OTO Mbraze

The new European-designed OTO Mbraze MB-50 simulates a powerful ‘real life’ Shiatsu massage to 1) slim and tone down bulging tummy, 2) relieve tired aching muscles on neck, shoulder, upper back, mid back, lower back and calf, and 3) improve health and well-being.

Most importantly, OTO Mbraze massages on the Acupressure Points (AP) to enhance its effectiveness. If used on the abdominal area, the strong and powerful knobs of OTO Mbraze penetrate deep onto Guan Yuan AP (tummy acupressure point) to effectively slim and tone bulging tummy. It also incorporates heat therapy to help improve blood circulation.

OTO Mbraze3

OTO MBraze4

This is how it works. Comes with two massage orbs, each with four rotating heads of varying sizes, it simulates the firm strong hands of a professional massage therapist delivering a Shiatsu massage. Just press on the On/Off button to start the default 20 minutes auto program with heat function. You can press the On/Off button again to turn off the heat function.

It’s really comfortable and relaxing. Absolutely no itching or tickling feeling!

As an added bonus, OTO Mbraze is very portable and compact in size. Weighing just 2.5kg, you can easily bring it around or put it away when not in use. It comes with two straps of different lengths so you can use it on various parts of your body. The longer strap has handles that gives a better grip, so you can use it on your shoulders, neck and back. The shorter one comes with adjustable Velcro strap that is perfect for abdomen and buttocks.

According to OTO, the formula for success is to use OTO Mbraze on a regular basis, at least 3x a day and we will see slimming effects after just 10 days. Being a number-driven person, I want to challenge this statement and see the results before I write this review.

OTO Mbraze-001

I used it for 10 days consecutively at the frequency of twice a day with no change to my routine and diet. This is the result:

  • Day 1: My fat belly measures at a miserable 86.5cm.
  • Day 10: My belly is now 84cm. A significant reduction of 2.5cm within 10 days.

My pants are certainly feeling looser too! For a moment, I was tempted to stick my face on the OTO Mbraze, hoping that it can help to slim down my face too. Okay, I’m just kidding. This machine is not intended for the face.

But you can use it to kill those “lovehandles”. Just use it for 10 minutes on each side to do the magic. You can also use it as a massaging tool to relieve those pains and tired aching muscles.

MBraze Application-001

What I love most about OTO Mbraze is that:

  1. It can be used for both slimming and massage – it has a heat function that gives a very soothing and relaxing massage!
  2. Its compact size makes it easy to bring around. Oh yes, it comes with a car adaptor so you can massage on-the-go too! But please, don’t do it if you’re the driver – you need to concentrate.
  3. I can get rid of my belly fats at the comfort of my house! Own time, own target. It’s so convenient.

OTO Mbraze MB-50 retails at SG$268 (UP: SG$398) and it’s available in three vibrant colours.

Mbraze colours-001
Pictures courtesy of OTO Bodycare

Giveaway Time!


To share the magic of OTO Mbraze, OTO Bodycare has generously sponsored a SG$100 cash voucher to one lucky reader.

  1. The voucher can only be used in OTO Bodycare outlets in Singapore.
  2. The voucher is valid till 12 Jan 2014.
  3. It can be used for purchases of any items at OTO Bodycare stores in Singapore.

To participate, simply:

  1. Share this post via this link on your Facebook.
  2. Leave a short comment “Shared” on this blog post and state your Facebook name.

It’s so easy!

One entry per person, open to Singapore residents only. Entries will be accepted until 12 May 2013 11:59pm. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Our Little Smarties Facebook Page. Good luck!

One last thing, OTO is having a Mother’s Day contest next weekend. The contestants have tried the OTO Mbraze for 13 days with amazing results. Six finalists will be getting a makeover of hair and makeup with a new outfit at the two finale shows at Tampines Mall Level 1 event hall on:

  • 11 May 2013, 4pm – 6pm
  • 12 May 2013, 12pm – 2pm

You are invited to see the “results” of the six mummy finalists to see how much have they slim down on their tummy.

Try the new OTO Mbraze MB-50, and you’ll be on your way to a smaller waistline too!
Disclosure: OTO Mbraze MB-50 is provided by OTO Bodycare for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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