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Introducing the Swensen’s Space Adventure Kid’s Meal

Swensen’s is the name that all of us are familiar with. It is also one of the first few restaurants that I patronized when I came to Singapore 13 years ago. Whenever I hear of Swensen’s now, their trademark tiffany lamps, a relaxing meal and yummy ice-cream sundae immediately come into my mind.

Now that I’m a mother, I like to bring my family for a nice meal at Swensen’s too. Little Edison is a big fan of their kid’s meal, and he has joined the Swensen’s Kid’s Club for more than two years now. Every month, he gets a free Kids’ Club Sundae whenever he orders a kid’s meal.

Recently, we were invited to try out their latest Space Adventure Kid’s Meal. Our boy is truly excited.


The meal includes a choice of 7 main courses, corn cup, choice of soft drink, apple or orange juice, and an exclusive Take-Home Spaceship at $9.50. You can top-up $1.50 to upgrade the drink to Qoo Fuji Apple or White Grape. You can also top-up $2.90 for a Kid’s Sundae.


We tried the Chop-Chop Chicken Macaroni and Fishy Chippy. The breaded fish fillet is fried to perfection served with Smiley-Face potatoes and corn cup. The macaroni is tosses in sweet tomato sauce with chopped chicken strips and yummy roasted parmesan cheese.


Swensen’s Space Adventure Kid’s Meal makes a healthy and delicious meal even the pickiest eater will like!

Visit their restaurant or website for more details.

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