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All Mask Up!


The hottest topic in town now, needless to say, is the haze. This is the most severe level of haze that I’ve experienced in my thirty years of life! And it’s making me very, very grumpy.

This month, I went through the roughest period at work and many times, I thought of just quitting my job and leave the problems behind. When I leave my office, my mood dampens even more when I feel the smoky-smelling haze.

Two weeks ago, I booked a staycation at Sentosa this weekend as I desperately needed a break from the crazy rat race. Unfortunately, due to the haze, we had to cancel it now. Little Edison is always looking forward to the staycation. I hate to disappoint him, but this time, I had no choice. We can’t take our health for granted.

The PSI level hit the hazardous level for three consecutive days. Everybody is frantically searching for face mask. I was told that N95 face mask and air purifier ran out of stock island wide. Thankfully, V managed to secure some good qualify face masks for us from his work place.

Mask up

When I woke up this morning, I saw this face mask in my handbag. He put it in before he went to work. A simple act but touches me greatly. Thanks, dear! I told Little Edison to put on his face mask when he’s outdoor, and I’m glad that he always obeys me.

I took out our trusty air purifier from the store room, and suddenly it becomes the most important appliance in our house. I had it blowing at our boy at all times, as this is the closest he can get to clean air. I also keep filling his water bottle to ensure that he drinks plenty of water to flush out toxins.

Two days ago when I was driving home at night, the PSI level went above 200 for the first time. The night was so dark and when I drove into the KPE tunnel, I saw smoke all over the tunnel. At that instance, I thought that Singapore was on fire. That scene was rather memorable.

When the PSI level first hit 200, people went WOW and started wondering if it will hit 300. Finally, it did and we started to think what will happen if it hits 400. And it really went up to 401 this noon! It’s clearly out of control. What can we, or rather Singapore do?

We can issue stern warning, highlight, escalate and even fly our representatives there. But at the end, I don’t think we can do anything to stop those culprits. They will continue to take the shortcut ways to make money at the expense of our health, and later call us ‘childish’.


Enough, enough of my lamenting. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day.



Susan June 22, 2013 at 6:04 PM

Things sure look like they are clearing up today! Hope this continues and adds a smile to your day. May the week ahead be better for you.

Emily June 23, 2013 at 8:26 AM

Hi Susan,
Thanks! Yesterday we went to East Coast Park for some outdoor fun and BBQ chicken wings as soon as we heard that the haze was cleared… haha!

But on the way home, I heard from the radio that it’s only temporary due to change of wind. It’s back to unhealthy level now and I think it will reach the hazardous level again tomorrow.

Good to see that Sophie is putting on her face mask to protect herself. 🙂


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