Wrap him in Amazing Softness with Comfort Ultra Pure

My little boy is growing every day, but the only thing that hasn’t changed since the day he was born is how delicate his skin is. I love the feel of his soft and smooth skin, but I also know that I need to protect his delicate skin by adding a touch of softness and love to his clothes. That will keep him happy for sure. And when you have a happy kid, you’ll have a worry-free mommy too!

Many of us think that laundering our kid’s clothing is an insignificant job. I mean it’s just a simple process of washing, drying and folding, what is there to worry about. I perceive it at a slightly different angle. Caring for his clothes is my expression of love to him. Protect his delicate skin, give him the total comfort and keep him free from allergies are important to me.

Comfort Pure

How I do it, you may ask. Here are my THREE simple steps with just ONE product to achieve it.

ComfortPhoto Credit: Comfort Zone Singapore


Choose the right and safe brand

Gone are the days when I simply grab the cheapest laundry product and dump it in my shopping cart. Now that I’m a mother, I avoid laundry products that will leave harsh chemicals and perfume residues on my washed clothing.

I always choose a more subtle and delicate laundry product to treat his clothes. Ever since I tried Comfort Ultra Pure, I never have to worry about harsh chemicals and overpowering scents.

Comfort Ultra Pure is the first hypoallergenic fabric softener in the market. It is specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin with a unique proposition of pure softness. It is also dermatologically-tested to be safe even for the most delicate baby skin.

1354678446410_productPhoto Credit: Comfort Zone Singapore


Wrap him in pure love and amazing softness

When clothes are washed using detergent, the cloth fibres will start to tangle and bobble. Comfort Ultra Pure’s special formulation helps to prevent fibres from becoming scratchy, and keeps them smooth so that clothes feel so soft and gentle against our skin. It’s that pure softness that everyone loves!

Every time when he wears his clothes, they are so soft and comfortable that he will always remember my love and special care for him. Besides his clothes, I also wash his soft toys, bed linen and towels with Comfort Ultra Pure. That is to say, every piece of cloth that comes into contact with his royal skin is specially treated with Comfort Ultra Pure. Because he is worth it!


Give him the long-lasting freshness that he deserves

Comfort Ultra Pure contains fragrance capsules which burst with every shake and move throughout the whole day for all day freshness. Whenever he wears his clothes, he feels great because his clothes are so fresh and fragrant. That keeps him happy and confident all day.

The fragrance isn’t overpowering. Its light scent is gentle on the nose yet delivers a long-lasting freshness. I love the mild scent that penetrates into every inch of my house each time I wash our laundries using Comfort Ultra Pure.


Want your kid to feel the total comfort and freshness all day long? Want your kid to feel your love even when you’re not with them? That is why taking care of your little one’s clothes is so important. Try Comfort Ultra Pure today and give your family the amazing comfort that they deserve!

Comfort Ultra Pure comes in 2 pack sizes of 800ml and 1.8L, and it is available at all major supermarkets. For more information and to receive a FREE sample, please visit



Sharon June 4, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Hi Emily, actually I would like to know if you can share your feedback on the Chinese enrichment class at HUA? Am considering that for my child going P1 next year and would be most helpful if u can share how Edison has progressed since last year… Many thanks.

Emily June 4, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Hi Sharon,
I changed my mind actually. Instead of enrolling him at HUA, he is now at HAN Language Center. Haha, just two letters different. He has started for less than a term, so I can’t really comment much. Furthermore, his Chinese is really below average so he needs a lot of catching-up. If you wish to know about HAN, then we can further discuss on e-mail. 🙂

sharon June 5, 2013 at 8:06 AM

Hi emily, many thanks for sharing…can i know your email address please?

Emily June 8, 2013 at 7:49 AM

Hi Sharon,
Pls e-mail me at emily77[at]mymelody[dot]com. Thanks!


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