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Edison at Six

I seldom write about Edison’s milestones these days because it’s not easy to capture the essence of his development now. It’s more mental and emotional rather than physical. As always, updates about a little big boy are not as much fun as those of a little baby boy.

But let’s face it – growing up is FUN. So, I need write a post about him today. At this age, this is how he is:

Edison 2

  1. He loves to talk, and he does the talking for both V and I all the times. Sometimes, we call him the ‘Rediffusion’ because he talks non-stop and there is no button to OFF. He’s funny when I’m in the mood to listen, but he irritates me when I really need some peace.
  2. He’s still gorgeously affectionate and very lavish with his hugs, cuddles and kisses. He likes nothing better than cuddling up to me as soon as he wakes up in the morning.
  3. He used to be a picky eater when he was much younger, but his eating behaviour has improved tremendously as he grows. His favourite food now is fish and chips, and sushi. He dislikes eating at hawker centres.
  4. He loves golf (not the real golf, I mean). He plays with his toy golf set every evening, and he can never get sick of it. If his passion still persists when he goes into his primary school, we will consider sending him for the real golf lessons.
  5. He loves the water, and though he can’t swim yet, he enjoys splashing about in the pool and shooting everyone with his water gun.
  6. He still enjoys mazes a lot. He likes board games and word games too.
  7. He is still a slow reader, but he has made good progress ever since he started his Phonics class. He can read a story book by himself, but he still needs some assistance from me.
  8. He is pretty independent and is happy to do things on his own. Play with his toys, do his water paintings, watch TV, run around the house, ride on his bike etc.
  9. He is quite short for his age, I think. He’s about 108cm in height and 20kg in weight. He looks more boyish now, and the only thing that hasn’t change much is the intensity of the look in his eyes, and the way he furrows his brows when he is concentrating or thinking.


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