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Parent-Teacher Meeting – May 2013

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Before the Jun holiday began, I attended the parent-teacher meeting at Little Edison’s school. I can’t believe how quickly two terms have come and gone. He has completed half a year in K2, and that is to say, he will be entering Primary One in six months’ time.

Argh! Primary One. The term itself never fails to send jitters to me.

As usual, I attended the parent-teacher meeting with average expectations. I know that Little Edison is not doing very well in Chinese, and he’s also resistant to speak the language at school. I’m also under the impression that other kids are doing fairly well based on their works that were displayed in their class room.

This year, the hardest thing that we encountered is Chinese spelling. We struggled a lot in the first term, getting him to learn his Chinese spelling. The Chinese spelling is conducted every Friday. So from Monday till Thursday, we have to practice daily and this sometimes leads to his meltdown when he still couldn’t remember the words.

I keep encouraging him that he should try his best to learn Chinese spelling, even though I’m not expecting him to get perfect scores all the time. Much to my surprise, he got full marks for all the ten spelling tests in Term 2.

His teacher, Mrs. Lee, informed me that he’s doing reasonably well in English and Maths, and she has no complaints about his behaviour in class. However, the main observation that she has on him is that he likes to ‘day-dream’ in his class.

I admit it, this is not the first time I heard about such comment about him. He has rather short attention span, which is why his teacher always asked him to sit at the front (near the white board) when they are in a group setting.

For the past three years, the teachers presented his progress reports to me in hardcopies. The reports contain pictures, sample worksheets, development checklists and evaluation reports. This year, the school has developed an online system for the teachers to upload the materials so that the parents can view them on the web.

I must say that I’m very impressed with the system. It takes a huge amount of efforts to upload the materials onto the online system to share with the parents. I’m also very thankful for the guidance and care that the teachers have given to him. The kindergarten is well run, and it has a very positive and friendly learning environment.

I’ve decided to give him a reward for his good behaviour at school and his hard works. He asked for a trampoline, and I had to say YES. So, my task this weekend is to search for a trampoline for him.

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