Introducing RedMart – Singapore’s Latest Online Supermarket

Let me ask you a question. What is your biggest grocery nightmare? Car boot too small? Long queue at the cashier? Can’t find a $1 coin for a trolley? Whining and impatient kids? Groceries too heavy to carry? Hey, I’m sure you can add-on to my list.

I admit that I’m an impatient person, thus long queue at the cashier really turns me off. Just two weeks ago, I abandoned a trolley full of groceries at Giant VivoMart because the queue was unacceptably long!

Being a full-time working mother, weekends are precious family time for me. I don’t want to waste my time queuing to pay for my groceries. I dislike carrying heavy and bulky groceries. And I certainly hate pushing a trolley in a crowded supermarket.

If you’ve shopped for groceries online, you no doubt know how easy and fuss-free the process is. When I first discovered RedMart, Singapore’s latest online supermarket, I was thrilled with the fact that I could order my groceries online and have them delivered to my doorstep free-of-charge.

Online grocery shopping is truly a lifesaver, especially to those who have busy lives, senior citizens or parents with young kids who may just turn into wild monkeys as they enter a supermarket. There are many benefits from purchasing groceries online such as:

1. Save time and energy

I can save a lot of time and energy since I don’t have to drive to the supermarket, hunt through the parking lot, find everything that I need, queue to pay for my groceries, load the groceries into my car, and then driving home again.

2. Shop at my own convenience

I can shop at any time of the day or night, at my own convenience, regardless of what the weather outside may be, and still get everything that I need. There is no hassle of dragging the kid along with me.

Best of all, there is no embarrassing moment of bumping into a colleague or friend while wearing slippers, shorts and an oversized t-shirt at a supermarket. I’m just too lazy to dress up or even put on make-up for a supermarket trip.

3. Give my memory a rest

Every time we go for grocery shopping, the Hubby likes to ask question like this: “Is there any more peanut butter at home?” Well, there are 101 things that I can remember, except the amount of peanut butter left.

Now with online grocery shopping, I just need to walk to the kitchen and check, and then back at my computer again. There is no need to rack my brain to remember my last sandwich!


Now, let me share with you my user experience with online shopping at RedMart. RedMart’s website is very easy to navigate. First time customers can create an account by entering an e-mail address and password, it took me less than 30 seconds to create my account.

By signing up as a member, you’ll get to know exclusive member’s promotions and RedMart deals too.

RedMart 2

After that, I can begin shopping by adding desired items into my cart. The items are cleanly organized into instinctive categories, just as how the products are shelved into sections in a conventional supermarket. Each category is further broken down into sub-categories so I don’t have to scroll down the entire page to search for an item.

RedMart 3

In addition, there is a search function where I can plug in a keyword and get a list of relevant matches seamlessly. I can search by brands or product names easily.

RedMart offers free delivery for orders above $75. Free delivery means I no longer have to struggle with bags of groceries with a kid in-tow. If you have a kid at home, hitting $75 is certainly no big deal. The earliest delivery time and date are also stated at the top of the website for easy reference.


It took me 20 minutes to place my first online grocery order. I could have spent more than two hours to buy these groceries from a conventional supermarket. Now that I’m a registered user and am familiar with the website, the next time I order, I’m very sure that it will go much quicker.

Lastly, I have good news for all of you!

RedMart 5

Now, I can magic away all my groceries nightmares with RedMart. You can do it too!

Disclosure: Shopping credits were provided by RedMart for review. All opinions are my own.


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Sean Chaw December 6, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Redmart Singapore has revolutionised the concept of online grocery market in Singapore. I am very much impressed with the delivery and the kind of products they have. Thank you for a wonderful article and I am sure people will enjoy shopping at !

sujuan February 13, 2014 at 8:51 AM

Thank you for your thoughtful articles. the narrow delivery windows of 2 hour made it aplus point for Redmart. As it could tremendously shorten the waiting of goods arriving time compare to Cold Storage. I like to shop with them, the inventories is getting bigger now with almost 8000 items.


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