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July – It’s a busy month!

A blog reader sent me a message recently, asking if I’m fine. I realized that I haven’t posted anything on my blog for almost two weeks. This month has been a tough one, especially at work. We’re also doing a little bit of vacation planning. And I have my medical check-ups with my rheumatologist and ENT. So, blogging has naturally been given a lower priority.

For the entire month, I was overwhelmed at work. Every day, I receive e-mails with subjects like severe supply shortage, customer line-down, urgent demand upsides, critical new products, etc. They make me spring into actions immediately, trying to resolve the issues, and prevent further escalation from the customers.

One new product that was keeping me busy for the past three months was launched in the US two days ago. It was a big hit! The response was overwhelming that the product was sold out within two hours. Everyone in the team was cheering for its success. We expect the demand to surge up to 50%. And that will keep me busy for the next few months.


I still try to leave my office at 6pm; no matter how busy I am, because I know that my son is waiting for me. He can read the time very well now, and if he doesn’t see me by 6:20pm, he will call me at my office. I promised him that I will be back for dinner with him every day. Mama always keeps her promise.

After dinner and shower, we will spend about 45 minutes doing worksheets, revisions and reading. Then, he will watch TV for a short while before going to bed. As soon as he’s asleep, I quickly get into work again. I would be on the verge of collapse by the time I go to bed at midnight. And the cycle repeats again the day after.

16 July 2013 is exactly one year since my sinus operation, so I’m due for another check-up with my ENT. After the biopsy last year, I was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis. WG is an autoimmune disorder, in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue.

Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition which often results in injury to various parts of the body – including sinus, kidney and lungs. For my case, it is affecting my sinus. The mainstay of treatment is corticosteroids, which have an anti-inflammatory action that helps to mute the over-active immune system.

After taking steroids for one year, my dosage has been cut-down to maintenance level of 7mg daily now (as compared to 60mg when I first started). I’m also being aggressively treated with cyclophosphamide, a kind of cytotoxic drug to “knock out” the over-active immune system.

My condition is now under-controlled with medication, but I’m still unsure when I can be completely drug-free. I did a sinus CT scan this month, and the scan still showed some opaque areas, about 30% – which means there could still be infection in my sinus.

As I didn’t have other symptoms like nose-bleed now, we agreed to opt for the “wait-and-see” approach and do another scan three months later to determine if the infection has been cured, still present or getting worst.

This pretty much sums up what July has for me. I can’t wait for August to come.


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Faithful Reader :)

Hi Emily, we will patiently wait for our boys to return home when they get older :p anyway speedy recovery, take care ya! Hope to see you blogging your boy’s Pri 1 registration. This year a bit complicated compared to previous yrs. God bless all~

Dear Faithful Reader,
Thanks for your concern and well wishes. The Phase 2C is just over, I can’t wait for the results next week. Are you registering your son for P1 this year too?

Well, you’ll see me blogging about the registration topic again next week. 🙂