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Edison’s 6th Birthday Party

For the past three years, we celebrated Little Edison’s birthday with family members in a restaurant. I also bought cakes, party packs and goodie bags to his kindergarten to have a small-scale celebration with his teachers and classmates.

This year, I thought of doing something different. And something extra special. When I broached the subject of a birthday party, V’s response was “Aren’t we going to celebrate it the same way as previous years?”

As expected, he isn’t a big fan of elaborated birthday party. But I told him that this is our son’s last year in this kindergarten. Perhaps, it will be a good idea to throw a birthday party for him, and inviting all his classmates. It’s a perfect opportunity for these kids to gather and create beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

Finally, he agreed.

Talking about birthday party, I have these things in my mind now – the venue, party theme, party decor, invitation cards, balloons, goodie bags, games, activities, presents and cake. Yes, the CAKE! It’s crazy having to put together a kiddy party.

Seemingly, this is too much stress for us to handle. Our work schedule has been absolutely crazy these days. Thus, it’s certainly not feasible to DIY the entire party. At the end, we’ve decided that outsourcing is the best option.

We sourced for over a dozen of venues. We wanted somewhere cosy, family-friendly and near to his kindergarten. Then, we came across Swensen’s – one of our favourite family restaurants. I found out that Swensen’s can be our perfect one-stop solution to organise a birthday party for Edison.

I can leave all the hassles of party preparation to them. A professional party host will also be available to keep the birthday boy and party guests entertained. They will handle the food, venue decorations as well as the birthday cake. We get a complimentary 1kg Swensen’s Special Ice Cream Birthday Cake when we book a party with them.

There are two choices of birthday party – tea party (with food) and ice-cream & dessert buffet. We chose the tea party that comes with a choice of 5 main courses, free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea, single scoop of ice-cream for all the guests, and free Kid’s Club membership for all the children. In addition, every birthday child gets a free sundae without any purchase.

Now, I’m left with just the party invitation cards and goodie bags. Best decision ever! Throwing a birthday party couldn’t be any easier now. Thanks to Swensen’s!


Two weeks before the big day, I’ve started sending the birthday party invitation cards to his classmates and tracking RSVPs. Little Edison is definitely looking forward to his birthday party.

Info: Find out more about throwing a perfect party for your child at Swensen’s website and Swensen’s Facebook Page.


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