Make Your Grocery Shopping Easier with RedMart

V is one of those grocery shoppers who enjoys going to the supermarket every week. When I first started grocery shopping with him (then boyfriend), I wanted to rip my hair out. He was too detailed in his product selections, he was an extreme couponer, and lastly, he was constantly forgetting things.

I’ve to admit that I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping. I never spend more than an hour in the supermarket. When Little Edison came along, I pretty much left all the grocery shopping to V. It’s no fun doing grocery shopping with a kid in tow, waiting for 20 minutes in the checkout line, with a crowd pushing their way past me in the aisle every single minute!

When I was introduced to RedMart, Singapore’s latest online supermarket, I was thrilled with the fact that I could order my groceries online and have them delivered to my doorstep free-of-charge. Yup, you read it right! It’s free delivery for orders above $75. It’s better than having a battalion of helpers to carry your groceries for you.

I was also amazed at how user-friendly the website is. Even if you don’t do online shopping often, you’ll find that RedMart’s website is very easy to navigate. It’s really “idiot-proof”, even for a newbie shopper!

Here’s what I really like about RedMart’s website:

1. Items are cleanly organized into instinctive categories

RedMart #1

Just as how products in a conventional supermarket are shelved into sections, the items on RedMart’s website are cleanly organized into instinctive categories. Each category is further broken down into sub-categories so I don’t have to scroll down the entire page to search for an item.

2. The easy and all-convenient SEARCH function

RedMart #2

If you’re too lazy to browse by categories, simply enter a keyword onto the search function and you’ll get a list of matches that may be relevant to you seamlessly.

3. A saved grocery list to remember my past orders

RedMart #3

One unique feature on RedMart’s website is the “My List” program which operates like a standard grocery list. Every time I make a purchase, the items will be automatically added to my list.

This saved grocery list helps me to remember my past orders. The last order dates were also captured. With just a few clicks, I can be on my way to restocking the kitchen without scouring several sections of the website.

It’s truly a time-saver, especially if you routinely buy the same products.

4. Ability to select the delivery timing

RedMart #4

You don’t want to wait at home for the entire day to receive your groceries. That’s right! That is why RedMart allows their customers to select their two hours delivery time slot. The earliest delivery time and date are also stated at the top of the website for easy reference.

5. Easy access to sale items

RedMart Sale #5

Last but not least, the on-sale items are neatly categorized and displayed at the navigation bar. For the bargain hunters, this is where I would recommend you to start shopping.

How about the shopping process, you may ask.

First time customers can create an account by entering an e-mail address and password. It’s a very simple process. After that, you can begin shopping by adding desired items into your cart.

RedMart #6

When you’re done, select your delivery address and timing.

RedMart #7

The next step will be payment. RedMart accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and cheque.

RedMart #8

Lastly, review your order and submit it. It’s easy peasy!

Here are some good news for you!

One!   Grocery shopping is now even easier with RedMart iPhone app. Android app is under development and will be released soon too.

RedMart #9

Two!   Enjoy free delivery for orders above $49 (usual $75). Valid till 31 Aug 2013.

Three!   Enjoy a 10% discount off your first purchase at RedMart. Just key in the code “rm_littlesm” upon check-out.

RedMart #10

RedMart #11

RedMart transforms my grocery shopping from a huge chore into a little treat. All I need is just a click! You can do it too!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RedMart. All opinions are my own.


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