A Grasshopper in my Qiu Lian Ban Mian

I’ve read a few cases about insects found in food on Stomp website this year. Just yesterday, I had the ‘privilege’ to encounter a grasshopper in my food at Kopitiam Qiu Lian Ban Mian stall at Blk 275D Compassvale Link (near Buangkok MRT).

After fetching Little Edison from his Chinese class, we headed to Kopitiam for lunch. V was walking around to see what he wanted to order. Without a second thought, I walked to the Qiu Lian Ban Mian stall that I frequently patronized.


I ordered my favourite hot and spicy ban mian, and within minutes, my ban mian was served. With a satisfied look, I walked to our table and ready to tuck into my hot bowl of noodles. The aroma of the hot and spicy noodles was simply irresistible.

Then, V came with two plates of chicken rice. One plate is for Little Edison, and one plate is for him. We ate together. V took a glance at my hot soup and he couldn’t resist to try it too. He picked up my spoon and sent two spoonfuls right into his mouth.

“The soup taste a bit weird and sour,” he said.

“This is hot and spicy tom yam soup, of course it taste a little sour,” I replied with an unsuspected look. Then I continued to tuck into the springy ban mian, relishing every strand of it.

Few minutes later, I spotted two long whiskers (antennae) in my soup and I thought it was a prawn. So, I scooped it up and ready to peel off its shell.

My eyes widened with horror!


. .

“Yuck! It is a grasshopper!” I was awfully disgusted with the sight of that green grasshopper in my soup.

“What???” V jumped up from his seat to examine my amazing discovery.

“You must be super unlucky, dear!” he lamented.

Well, I think I’m lucky to have spotted it before it went into my mouth. I simply couldn’t imagine half way chewing it and then realized it was a grasshopper. I probably would vomit my lung out.

That poor grasshopper must have been accidentally thrown into the hot pot while it was enjoying his buffet vegetables in the basket.

V went to look for the supervisor of Kopitiam to lodge a complaint. The supervisor came and he apologized to us. He brought the bowl with grasshopper back to the Qiu Lian Ban Mian stall (after I took some pictures of it).

Few minutes later, he returned with an explanation that the stall has only one worker. She is new and was tied-up with a lot of works. Thus, she might have overlooked on the grasshopper. Lack of manpower shouldn’t be compromised with hygiene, I told him.

He compensated us with the meal and he assured us that he will bring the matter to their management’s attention.

But we didn’t hear from him again after that.

Luckily, I didn’t get any food poisoning or diarrhea that day. I will never patronize that Qiu Lian Ban Mian stall again.


2 thoughts on “A Grasshopper in my Qiu Lian Ban Mian

  1. That sounds like a horrible experience. I often patronised the QiuLian Ban Mian store at Sengkang square and have found hair, ants, and flies in my noodles on more than a few occasions.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      This was a very old incident, but I can still remember it vividly. Haha! So gross that I’ve stopped patronizing Qiu Lian completely after that. 🙂

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