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A Letter to My Son

Dear Son,


When you were newborn, you drank your milk, burped and cried
When you were sleepy, you yawned with your gummy mouth opened wide


When you were one, you drank your juice from your own sippy cup
And you were strong enough to pull yourself up


When you were two, you tried to eat all by yourself with a spoon
You messed up the food and made us clean the entire afternoon


When you were three, you ran everywhere and played with your first ball
At night, you refused to sleep and quietly skipped down the hall


When you were four, you like to draw frogs and coloured them green
Every morning, you woke up and brushed your teeth until they sparked white clean


When you were five, you read a story book all by yourself
You don’t need a step stool to reach for your book shelf


When you were six, you refused to step into the ladies toilet with me
And you said you’re a big boy just like Daddy

Dear Son, you’re a happy, smart and funny boy
You’re going to primary school next year, but you’re still my little BABY BOY!


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