MILO – Singapore’s Favourite Energy Drink

Being a Singaporean, I’m very sure you’ve drank MILO before. As Singapore’s favourite energy drink, you can find MILO in almost all food establishments in the country. The many variations in the drink itself, from MILO Dinosaur to MILO Godzilla, Neslo and Hot MILO, is a proof of its popularity among the locals.

My relationship with MILO started more than 30 years ago when I was a kid. My mom introduced MILO to me, and I can always remember it as the drink that will make me feel warm and loved. Every morning, I had a big cup of warm MILO that was specially prepared by my mom before I went to school. Get the best start to your day with MILO, that’s what my mom always said. And that’s how MILO has become part of my life until now.

5 Good Reasons (FB)

There are FIVE good reasons to drink Milo. First of all, MILO is a nutritious chocolate malt beverage made from the natural goodness of malt, milk and cocoa. First sold in the 1936 and locally produced since 1984, MILO contains PROTOMALT® a unique malt extract giving us energy to go further.

MILO also contains a combination of B Vitamins and Magnesium to aid in the release of energy from food. It builds strong bones and teeth with calcium. From children to the elderly, everyone needs calcium to build strong bones and to keep them strong. That is why MILO is loved by generations, not only for its great taste, but also for its nutritional and health benefits.


Now, let me ask you a question. Do you know why breakfast is so important especially for children? I’ll tell you why.

In the morning, both our body and mind need sufficient energy to function properly. This energy is provided by our breakfast, of course. During the sleeping time, we’re not eating anything. Therefore, the energy reserves in our body are substantially low after we wake up.

As its name suggests, breakfast is the meal for breaking the fast for the day. Thus, it is one of the most important meals of the day. Importance of breakfast for children is because it gives them the much-needed nutrition and energy after a gap of ten to twelve hours when they are asleep.

School-going children who take breakfast before going to school are more attentive in the class and have better concentration. Thus, it helps them in their learning process in school. On the other hand, those who skip breakfast are less energetic and remain inactive in the class. As a result, they face difficulties in learning new things.

Now that we recognized the importance of breakfast, we also realized that breakfast is one of the most difficult meals of the day due to the morning rush hours. It’s often a challenge to wake the children up early for breakfast before rushing off to school.

I always remember what my mom did before I went to school in the morning. She made a warm cup of MILO for me and I would definitely drink it before I went to school. Thus, I want to give my son the same nutritional goodness that I’ve had before.


MILO played a big part in my growing years, and now it does the same for my son. Every morning, I will prepare breakfast with a warm cup of MILO for Edison. He will definitely finish the whole cup before he goes to school. In the event that we’re late, I will pack the breakfast so that he can have it in the car when we’re travelling to school.

MILO warms our tummy during breakfast, and it always perfectly complements our breakfast. In the afternoon, we will have iced MILO with cookies or sandwiches. Occasionally, I will make Neslo – a mix of Nescafe and MILO for tea break. Anytime and anywhere is just how great this beverage is. I’m sure you’ll agree.


Last but not least, nothing beats the rich chocolate malt taste of MILO in bringing back all my wonderful childhood memories. Even as a mom now, a warm cup of MILO will always soothe my troubled heart as what my mother used to comfort me and assure me that all would be well.

Now that I have a family of my own, I still turn to the chocolate malt goodness of MILO to make our bonding moments more heart warming. Hopefully when my son grows up, he will also cherish all the wonderful moments we’ve shared over cups of MILO.

Before I end this post, I’d like to invite you to watch these videos from MILO. Some of them are pretty good, and this is my favourite. It’s so touching that I feel like crying after watching it. 

What’s in a nutritious cup of MILO?

Why kids love MILO for breakfast?

When you’re done, hop over to MILO Facebook Page to participate in the MILO Breakfast Champions contest from 16 Oct to 11 Nov 2013. You can earn points by submitting pictures of yourself and show how MILO makes you a champion every day. Points can be redeemed for prizes on the app.

MILO Breakfast Champions


In 2006, MILO® attained the Healthier Choice status from Health Promotion Board. As Singapore’s favourite energy drink, more than 1 million cups of MILO® are given free to Singaporeans annually through various sports and community events.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own. MILO is our favourite energy drink and we strongly recommend it based on its nutritional and health benefits.


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