Microblogging with Dayre

My friends often wonder why I blog, what motivates me to do so, and how I find time to do it.

Well, for a start, I blog because I want to capture my son’s precious childhood. Hopefully when he grows up and reads this blog, it will bring him all his fond childhood memories. Our children grow up very fast and we have 10+ years to remember them as our children. Thus, I don’t think I have that much of memory space in my brain to remember them all.

Secondly, this blog also captures my personal experiences as a mother, a wife, a daughter etc, as I progress through various stages of my life. This blog is my personal diary. As I read through my old posts, they remind me of life lessons that I’ve learnt in the past, and my feelings at that point of time.

Nonetheless, it’s not easy to maintain a blog. We’re so tied-up in our everyday lives, and it becomes harder and harder to sit down in front of a computer to blog. Sometimes when we can afford to do it, our inspirations just went ‘dead’ because we were mentally exhausted.

For a newbie, starting a blog can be daunting too. What blogging platform to use, how to sign up for unique domain name, how to host on independent server, how to back-up our blog, and etc. Starting a blog from scratch is a lot of hard works!

The good news is you can now blog without having to sit in front of your computer, without having to set-up your own blog, and without the need to pay for your own hosting fee. Sound awesome, isn’t it?

All you need in a smartphone and an app.

Introducing Dayre

Dayre is a new microblogging app (iOS and Android) that makes blogging from a smartphone so easy and effortlessly. You can post photos and videos with lots of artsy filters, stickers, bite-sized blog posts, check-ins, and quotes throughout the day. Dayre will compile them to form a blog post, according to your day.

It’s like scribbling notes on random bits of paper that you can find anywhere, dump them into your handbag, and at the end of the day, someone will sort out these notes and neatly paste them in chronological order. Get the feel?

You can view posts on a browser, but you can only update posts from your smartphone (just like Instagram). If you want to follow someone, you’ll also need to install the app in your smartphone. You can share your posts on Facebook and Tweeter.

This is how Dayre looks like on my Android smartphone. Looks a little uninteresting, isn’t it?

This is my news feed

My first blog post on Dayre

Dayre Stickers
Lovely stickers on Dayre, I’m sure you’ll like!

What I Like About Dayre

1. We can write bite-sized blog posts anytime throughout the day, and at anywhere using our smartphone. While waiting for the food to arrive, waiting for the kids to eat, waiting for public transport, waiting to pick-up our kids from class, etc. Finally I find something to occupy myself when I’m waiting for something. How cool!

2. The stickers are really cute. You can use them to express your feelings at that point of time.

3. It acts like a personal diary where you can blog about your day-to-day event effortlessly.

What I Dislike About Dayre

1. It takes some time to totally get used to it (or because I’m too slow). But once you’re familiar with it, it’s quite easy to use.

2. Just like Instagram, there are art filters for you to apply on your pictures. The filters are quite limited at this point of time.

3. The background pictures are quite boring. I still do not know if we can change them.

Overall, it’s a pretty fun app. If you enjoy blogging or writing personal diaries, I encourage you to download Dayre and give it a try. You’ll also get to share bits and pieces of your day with family and friends.


Let me know if you’re already on Dayre. Follow me at



Ai Sakura November 26, 2013 at 10:47 AM

I like posting a bite-sized post on Dayre too.. it kind of reminds me of Tumblr actually which I use sometimes to share pix, but more local friends are on Dayre heh.

Emily November 26, 2013 at 1:01 PM

Hello Ai,
I heard Dayre is similar to Tumblr, but I didn’t use Tumblr before. I kinda enjoy posting bite-sized post on Dayre too, it’s really convenient and fast… Just hope that they can change the background pictures to more beautiful ones.. haha! 🙂


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