An Exciting Mini Golf Experience at LilliPutt

Little Edison is a big fan of golf. I meant mini golf, as he doesn’t know how to play with the real golf yet. I’ve the intention of enrolling him for golf lessons, seeing how much he loves golf. But I have to wait for the right time, which is possibly after he settled down in Primary 1.

His doting grandparents have recently renovated their garden by layering natural looking synthetic grass carpet in the garden. It looks like a mini putting green for him now. And he can play golf all day!

During our one-week vacation in Gold Coast, we brought him to various mini golf theme parks (both indoor and outdoor) and he enjoyed himself so SO much. It was a memorable experience for him.

Recently, he asked me a question: “Mama, can we go to Australia and play golf?” I was like “What?! Go to Australia just to play golf?”

He’s too young to understand that it costs so much to buy the air tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.

Nonetheless, I don’t want to disappoint him. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t book the air tickets to Gold Coast. I googled for mini golf in Singapore, and I was extremely delighted to have found LilliPutt Indoor Mini Golf!

I was jumping like a kid; I can’t wait to bring him there for some fun. But I kept it a secret to give him a sweet surprise. When we reached the Big Splash last Saturday, his eyes were beaming with excitement when he saw the mini golf painted on the building. Then, he was all “Mama, I can’t wait to go there! Let’s go now!”


A bit of introduction, LilliPutt is the first themed indoor mini-golf course in Singapore. It’s located at the Big Splash at East Coast Parkway. It has 18 holes, and each one is themed after a well-known landmark or icon of Singapore, i.e. Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, Esplanade, Changi Airport, etc.


It’s fun because playing at LilliPutt doesn’t require any training or skills. Children and adults, golfers and non-golfers, can enjoy the thrilling games in a fun-filled obstacle course. Nonetheless, you can approach the staffs if you need a demonstration or briefing, and they will gladly assist you.

There are special sound, lighting and animated effects to enhance the overall playing experience at LilliPutt. It’s both entertaining and educational. For the kids, they learn about Singapore’s landmarks and when they play, they can improve their mental concentration, hand-eye coordination as well as posture.


Jurong Bird Park

Singapore Zoo

Botanic Garden

Singapore Port

Admission is charged at $19.20 for adult, $16.00 for student, and $12.80 for children 12 years and below. The best part is – if you’re not playing and you only want to supervise your child, you’re allowed to go in without paying for the adult admission charge.


Each player will be given a putter, a ball and a score card. There is no time limit to complete the 18 holes, so you can enjoy and do it at your own pace. You need to wear socks to enter the golf course.

My advice to you is to call them or check their website before making a trip there, as walk-in admissions may be limited or closed when they have private functions.


Our boy enjoyed himself so much at LilliPutt, and I’ve a feeling that we’ll be going there quite often now.

For more information, please visit their website at


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