Starting Primary One: Back to School Essentials

This entry should have been posted before Edison enters Primary One, but somehow, I missed it. Anyway, it’s better late than never to share this entry on Back to School Essentials.

School Essentials

Here’s what I’ve prepared for Edison, and also what I think every kid needs for a great year at school!

1. First things first, he will need an awesome schoolbag. Nowadays, there are many super-stylish schoolbags to choose from. I choose something that is large and strong enough to hold all his books and supplies, in bright colours, and with side pockets to hold his water bottle.

I bought this yellow Adidas backpack for him, and V bought the other red Ferrari backpack. He loves both of them, and at the end, he chose the yellow one. (Yes, yellow is his favourite colour!)

2. A 500ml water bottle. I actually bought 3 water bottles for him, just in case he misplaced it, I don’t have to scramble for spares. Alas, he left his water bottle on the very first day of school, which I suspect he could have forgotten to bring back to his classroom after recess time.

3. A pencil case and stationeries – from Kiddy Palace and Popular Book Store.

4. Textbooks and workbooks – from school book store.

5. A transparent A4 plastic folder. I can’t emphasize how useful the plastic folder is. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read circulars and notes from school that are all crumpled in the schoolbag – ‘giam cai’ that what we call it. Kids will simply chuck the papers into their bags. It’s good to teach them how to put the papers neatly into the plastic folder before putting them into their schoolbag.

6. A wallet. Again, having a forgetful son always makes me think of all possible scenarios that can happen to him at school. If I give him a big wallet to keep in the bag, he may forget to bring it out during recess time and ended up with no money for food.

If I put the money in his pockets, there is a high risk of dropping them when he goes to the toilet. So, I gave him a small wallet that can be fit nicely into his pocket. So far, he’s managing his pocket money and wallet quite well.

7. A watch. I started teaching him how to tell time and how to make use of his watch before the school starts. I’m not sure how frequent he looks at his watch now, but at least, he must know what time the school and recess starts and ends. I bought a children’s watch from Swatch, and the boy thinks that it’s ultra cool to wear a watch to school. He’s loving it!

8. School Uniforms and iron-on name tags. From the school, of course!

9. White shoes and white socks. I bought two pairs of Reebok white shoes and few pairs of white socks from Royal Sporting House.

10. Name stickers. You’ll definitely need lots of them to label almost everything that your kids bring to school. I’ve been ordering name stickers from this online store four years ago since Edison started Nursery, and they are pretty good!

11. Lastly, lunch containers if you intend to pack food for your kids to eat during recess time. I haven’t been packing any food for the boy yet as he prefers to buy food from the canteen.


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