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Please welcome my second guest blogger, N.C.E, to this blog. I’m so happy to have my younger brother on-board to add some varieties to this blog. Variety is the spice of life, and two heads are certainly better than one!

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At times, there are thoughts that came to me and I felt like writing them down. So that I may, in the years to come, recall what has been occupying my mind at certain point of my existence. It’s also a way to communicate with people, to solicit for feedbacks and comments. But where should I post the writings to? From experience, Facebook is definitely not the right channel for engaging in such discussions. It’s almost like people will switch their brains off whenever they’re on social networks. You simply can’t expect them to absorb anything more than snippets of information.

So, I thought to myself: why don’t start a blog? That would seem like the right channel for serious discussions. I figured that people who visit blogs expect to read about thoughts, ideas, discourse about any worthwhile topics. However, after careful consideration, I decided it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Firstly, what topic should I be blogging about? Politics? Most people are turned off by talks about politics. Leave it to the politicians, they say. What many are not aware is that politics has the biggest potential impact to our livelihood. With one stroke of the pen, we could be stripped of all our possessions, even thrown into labour camps to work our way to deaths. Therefore, political awareness is actually very important to ensure that extreme ideologies like those of Hitler and Pol-Pot be kept in check.

One of the most dangerous phenomena of human behaviour is the bandwagon effect. It’s when people start believing in the wrong things just because their peers seem to have subscribed to them. We’ve seen, throughout history, how good people could do evil things because of it. That’s another good reason to evangelize for political awareness. But still, having said that, I don’t think I have the persuasion skills to get uninterested people to pay notice to such dry topics.

OK, then how about financial topics? Sure, I’d like to argue about Markowitz portfolio theory, whether the market is efficient, what constitutes value investing, and even exotic concepts like greater fool theory. But the fact is I’m hardly an authoritative figure for such topics, so why bother to poison people with my two cents worth?

How about automobiles and gadgets? These are the favourite topics for many guys. Something that we often talk about incessantly at coffee shops. But where do I get the resources for any meaningful post about these two topics? People might as well visit CNET and for really in-depth coverage and analysis of these products.

My last thought was – why not blog about anything under the sun, without adhering to a specific genre? But would there be enough visitors to such un-themed blogs to even bother about writing? If I’m babbling on everything, people will just take my blog for nothing.

Until the other day, my dear sister invited me to be a guest blogger on her rather established blog. It was even featured in The New Paper before, so there should be a steady stream of visitors. I immediately jumped at it because it’s a great honour to share her blog space and I hope I could bring some variety to it.

Furthermore, that’s where everything fits nicely. I can write on any topic that comes to mind, at any time when there’s something worth writing about. Whether her blog visitors would bother to read what I have written, that is of secondary importance. At the very least, I get to exercise some of my dormant brain functions. But it is my sincere wish that some like-minded persons might find the interest and time to read through what I have written and better still, give his or her opinions on the topic. That would really be the best-case scenario for me.


PS: Do check out my inaugural blog post this Thursday!


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