Starting Primary One: One Month Update & New Routine

The past month has absolutely flown by! I can’t believe that our boy has already started Primary 1 for a month.

During this Chinese New Year, one of the most frequently asked questions was: How is Little Edison doing in Primary 1? To say that he enjoys Primary 1 may not be so accurate, because at this point, I still can’t figure out whether he enjoys school.

He hasn’t shed a tear and so far, I haven’t received any calls from his teachers. No news is good news; I guess he’s coping well with the new school and routine. That’s how I answer them. Truth is, the one who is having problem adjusting to the new school year is, errr, me!


In this Starting Primary One series, I’ve talked about the preparation process, P1 registration, parent orientation, first week of school and parent networking. Today, I’ll talk about our routine in this new school year.

During his kindergarten days, our boy went to bed at 10pm. Yes, it was quite late because he usually took an hour of afternoon nap after lunch. So every night, I had one hour to do revision, homework and read books with him before bed time. Up till last year, our routine looked like this.

But sadly, my idyllic life has ended in 2014. This year, it’s nothing short of rush, rush and rush!

The most challenging part now is I don’t have much time to do revision with him as he needs to go to bed by 8:30pm. Otherwise, he will have insufficient sleep from waking up at 6:10am in the morning.

The first time-table that I’ve drafted looks like this –

2pm – lunch; 2:30pm – shower and TV time; 3:30pm – nap; 4:30pm – do homework; 5pm – outdoor play; 6pm – I’m back & go through homework with him; 6:30pm – dinner and shower; 7:30pm – go back to our home (15 mins drive from my in-law’s house); 8pm – do revision; 8:30pm – bedtime.

Trying to stick to this crazy schedule, however, nearly gave me ulcers. Most of the days, I was huffing and puffing by the time I reach home. And to make it worst, 7:30pm is the peak hour and I was faced with heavy traffic when I drive home. No matter how fast I rush, I couldn’t save much time.

On the other hand, our boy has stopped taking afternoon nap. He said he’s no longer a baby, so he refused to nap no matter how we “force” him. And he will play the whole afternoon after he completed all his homeworks.

By the time we started to do our revision at 8pm, he will start to yawn and couldn’t pay a single attention. Obviously, this schedule failed and I need to fine tune it to make it simple for everyone.

Then, I came out with a revised time-table like this:

2pm – lunch; 2:30pm – shower and TV time; 3:30pm – do homework and learn spelling by himself; 4:30 – outdoor play; 6pm – I’m back, check his homework and do a quick revision with him; 6:45pm – dinner and shower; 8pm – go back to our home (15 mins drive); 8:45pm – bedtime.

In comparison with the first schedule, life seems a little breezier now. The moment I’m back, I will quickly check his homework and do a quick revision with him before dinner is served. If there is spelling test on the next day, we’ll spend more time to practice on that. This usually takes about half an hour.

When we return to our home at 8pm, we will relax and no more study. Now, I allow an extra 15 mins playtime for him, and the latest he needs to hit the sack is 8:45pm.

You’ll probably ask what’s the amount of homework he gets from school every day. As of now, he seldom brings home any homework. Maybe once or twice a week, but he has English and Chinese spelling tests every week. If he has no homework from school, he will do the worksheets that I’ve asked him to do.

More often than not, I feel more relaxed and hardly had to yell in order to get things done with our revised time-table. And gradually, we’ve also settled into a nice and balanced routine.

No resistant to wake up in the morning, no forcing on afternoon nap, no rushing back home, no phone call reminder to do homework, etc. Oh, how I love that!


On a separate note, I do miss those nights when I could spend more time with him. Now that he has to sleep early, I feel that I’m missing a lot of bonding time with him.

“It’s just a matter of getting used to it. Our boy is all grown up now,” the Hubby told me. Yes, I agree but at the same time, I could feel a familiar surge of mixed emotions. I want him to grow up, but in some ways, I really don’t. I confuse myself, really.

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