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Crowning Glory. The phrase says it all. A woman’s hair is not JUST her hair, but it reflects her self-esteem, her sense of femininity and sensuality. Thus, the subject of hair loss is a painful taboo for many women. It’s every woman’s dream to have healthy and beautiful hair. I’m sure you’ll agree too.

I was recently invited by TK TrichoKare to try out their signature scalp treatment. To be honest, I don’t usually do scalp treatment. I can’t even remember when was the last time I had it. If I have time, I’ll probably just go for hair treatment. I’ve also never been troubled by scalp problems when I was young.

But then, age is a funny thing. You get wiser, but at the same time, your body changes. Your youthful glow, skin firmness and thick gorgeous hair are slowly diminishing. All of a sudden, you find yourself immersed with all sorts of treatments to slow down the aging process.

It happens to me too. Recently, I noticed that my hair is thinning on the top. When I wash or comb my hair, it tends to fall easily too. So, I made an appointment for scalp treatment at the newly opened TK TrichoKare at nex mall.

Brand Introduction

Formulated by a Trichologist, TrichoKare is a holistic hair and scalp care centre that provides premium European herbal hair and scalp care treatments in a comfortable and luxurious environment. It’s also the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customized treatments validated by a certified trichologist with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

My Review


When I arrived at TrichoKare nex, I really like the luxurious spa-like environment with warm lightings, tasteful decorations and beautiful wallpaper. I met with the Senior Hair Specialist, Elizabeth, and we started off with scalp analysis and a few questionnaires about my current lifestyle.

“Do I have any serious scalp problem?” I asked her nervously after seeing some scary images of my scalp on the computer screen. Yes, they looked a bit gross at such a close-up view.

Scalp analysis by Senior Hair Specialist, Elizabeth
My scalp before the treatment

She explained to me that some of my hair follicles are clogged with sebum. These follicles play an important role in hair growth. When hair follicles become clogged, they cease to do their task properly. The sebum prevents the follicles from receiving oxygen and nutrients from the blood stream. As the follicles are starved of the much-needed nutrients, they die and the hair falls off.

Another observation is hair thinning – as I’ve expected. As you can see from the scan above, some of my hair is really thin. Unlike Male Pattern Hair Loss which is concentrated at the crown area, Female Pattern Hair Loss is more diffused and affects a broader area.


Elizabeth offered to do a scalp analysis for Little Edison too. Initially, my response was like “Err, I don’t think kids will ever have hair loss problem.” For Edison, his scan showed some random patches of residues on his scalp. I was pretty shocked, and I have to see it for myself to know that he has clogged hair follicles too.

It’s quite common for children so we really need to pay more attention to ensure that they rinse their hair thoroughly during bath time. In addition, shampoo should be carefully selected as children respond more rapidly to chemical shampoos.

The Treatment

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Common Hair and Scalp Problems

At TrichoKare, the hair specialists spend more time with their clients to understand the root problem before recommending a treatment. They addressed the hair roots problems and leverage on the healing abilities of natural European herbs to promote hair growth and strengthening the immunity of hair and scalp. The treatments are derived from a broad array of natural plant extracts, which is why they are suitable for adults and safe for children too.

Elizabeth recommended their 2-in-1 Scalp Revitalising Treatment for us. Using all natural European herbs, this treatment will effectively remove all scalp skin impurities while regulating scalp sebum production to protect the scalp.

And our treatment began in a cosy room equipped with OSIM massage chairs! We were served warm drinks before we started off with our scalp treatment.



This picture shows the overall process of our scalp treatment. This is Edison’s first time enjoying a scalp treatment in a luxurious spa-like environment. Needless to say, he was extremely excited and enjoyed himself so much throughout the process.


• A scalp mask was applied onto our scalp using a brush. We relaxed for 20 minutes while enjoying our massage on the OSIM massage chair. The mask leaves a nice cooling sensation on our scalp.

• Then, we proceed to the washing area to have a thorough hair wash using TrichoKare shampoo and conditioner. I love the minty smell of the shampoo. I felt so refreshed after the hair wash.

• Cushioned with a warm shoulder pad to promote relaxation, our hair was partially blown dry before hair tonic are applied. The hair specialist gave us a scalp massage to improve blood circulation and for better absorption of the tonic. This takes about 15 mins.

• Then, our hair was completely blown dry and placed under the infra-red light. I was told that the purpose of it is to promote blood circulation beneath the scalp.


After an hour of indulgent pampering, my hair felt so nice and clean. We returned to our consultation room for another scalp scanning to see the results. I’m so pleased to see that my scalp is noticeably cleaner after just one treatment!

My scalp after the treatment

Of course a single treatment will not solve my hair thinning problem. My hair specialist recommended that a fortnightly treatment works best for me.

Hair and scalp problems are best treated at early stages. If it’s left untreated, it could damage the hair follicles leading to permanent hair loss.


If you’re concerned about your hair and scalp problems, come down to TrichoKare for a consultation with their friendly hair specialists today. They have a variety of customized treatments and products for individual hair and scalp condition.

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Especially for my readers, TrichoKare is offering 2-in-1 Scalp Revitalising Treatment at $59.99! With a FREE Home Care Kit worth $49 + $200 Package Voucher of total worth $587!

Children’s Price available: Scalp Clarifying Treatment at $29.99 + Home Care Kit worth $49! (Total worth $387)

Submit your interest now!

Call 6-3388-680 and quote <Emily> or

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