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Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: March 2014

Sorry for the lack of update. Life has been busy. Just a short post today and I’ll be back next week (hopefully). Knowing that the March term break is around the corner really delights me to no end.

I’m inspired by my friend CY to start blogging about the development of our new apartment. CY started blogging about the development of his new apartment since three years ago, and recently, he has received the keys for his unit.

It’s such a delight to follow-up on his posts about The Minton. And so, I’ve decided to start writing about Bartley Residences too. I’m sure when I read back two years later, I’ll be instantly reminded of how the development has progressed every month since 2014.

I took some pictures of the construction site two days ago after I sent the boy to school. And it looks like this:


Most of the blocks are up now. I think our block is the second from the right. Yes, I said “I think” because I can’t really remember (my memory fails me again!). We bought the unit exactly two years ago, and the construction only started in early 2013. It’s expected to be ready end next year.


I regret not taking any pictures of the model in the showroom. Now, I can vaguely remember its location. The block that we’ve chosen is not directly facing the Bartley Road because we were concerned about the noise level.

There is only one block of 3BR that is facing the pool, and hence, that’s the block that we’ve chosen. We were one of the first few buyers of this development. Truth be told, we’ve been eyeing for it even before it was officially launched.

Main reason is because of its close proximity to my parents-in-law’s house, my office and our boy’s school, as well as its walking distance to MRT. I personally think that any development that is near MRT is highly demanded and will enjoy good price.


Above pictures are taken with my Samsung Galaxy. Will drop-by next month with my zoom lens, hopefully I can capture more detailed pictures.


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Bee Kwan

That’s where my old school used to be T-T.

Hey – I got a mention here in this post.:)