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Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: April 2014

The last two weeks were so hectic and tiring. The moment I got back from the March term break, I was swamped with works. One of our staffs is going on maternity leave (yes, it is four months now!), and we were so busy with handovers and delegation of responsibilities.

Today, I dropped by the construction site and took some pictures. How time flies! It feels like just yesterday when I wrote about the progress in March 2014. The two major progresses that I’ve seen now are: 1) the block facing the main road (7A) is two storey higher now and 2) the blocks behind 7A (1 and 1A) have been painted white.

Apr 2014

Apr 2014 (2)
The Bodhi tree is between these two blocks

It’s probably another 1 to 1.5 years more to go before we can shift in. I can feel the excitement already – especially when I have to walk pass the site every morning to send our boy to school. I witness the development day by day, and in awe!

Apr 2014 (3)
There will be two side gates along Bartley Road

One issue that concerned us when we purchased the unit two years ago was the main entrance that is located at Lorong How Sun (not Bartley Road). Lorong How Sun itself is a very small road – one lane each way with cars parked at the road side from the private houses. We’re worried about the traffic congestion during peak hours. Hopefully it won’t be a major issue when we move in.

The plot of land for this development is located on a gentle slope – circling a heritage tree (they called it a Bodhi tree). Boardwalk with viewing deck will be built around that Bodhi tree, and to me, it’s a fantastic area for an evening stroll. This is one of the things that really attract me.

The boardwalk around the Bodhi tree. Picture Credit: Bartley Residences Brochure

I’m a big fan of nature, but interestingly, I don’t like my balcony to be facing the Bodhi tree. Don’t ask me why though, but I prefer my unit to be facing the pool. Our living hall balcony is partially facing the pool and master room balcony will be facing the picnic lawn. The BBQ pavilions are located next to the picnic lawn. It’s also very near to the gym, steam room and kid’s splash pool.

Living Room
The living and dining hall (small, I know). Picture Credit: Bartley Residences Brochure
The kitchen. Picture Credit: Bartley Residences Brochure

And so, I was telling V that we should start planning on things to buy for our new apartment. It’s always good to plan early rather than doing a last minute job. Most importantly, we need to buy furnitures and electrical appliances that suit our needs and well-within our budget.

We started-off with the electrical appliances. These are the appliances that will be provided by the developer:

  1. Built-in convection oven
  2. Cooker hob and hood
  3. Free-standing fridge
  4. Free-standing washer and dryer
  5. Multi split air-conditioning system (living, dining and bedrooms)
  6. Hot water supply to all bathrooms and kitchen

Electrical appliances that we plan to purchase:

  1. Ceiling fans
  2. TVs 
  3. Induction cooker
  4. Coffee maker
  5. Water filter system
  6. Cordless vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner
  7. Massage chair
  8. Air purifier
  9. A personal computer for Edison

We will move our current Pioneer home entertainment system to Bartley Residences, and we don’t intend to buy a new system. This system serves us very well, and there is a significant increase of father-and-son bonding time over war movies ever since we installed this system. Read my review HERE.



They go gaga over war movies. And they talk about guns, fighting enemies, wars and whatsoever weapons – the only ‘talk’ that I don’t participate in. It’s a delight to see them enjoying a good movie at the comfort of our home with our fantastic Pioneer system.

Will update again next month. Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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Sunny July 10, 2014 at 8:47 PM

Hi Emily,
Nice blog on the development! I chanced upon your blog when I did a search for Bartley Residence. Hah, I’m glad to meet a “future neighbour” even before we move in. We were equally excited and can’t wait for it to be ready. Looking forward to more updates! Ta !

best regards,

Emily July 13, 2014 at 10:43 AM

Hi Sunny,
Nice to meet you here on my blog. I just went to the site to take some pictures and so much have changed in the last two months. Will blog about it later, stay tuned.

Cao Wei August 6, 2014 at 9:36 AM

Nice post, hope to see more updates.

stella October 25, 2015 at 6:55 PM

Hi Emily, very nice blog you have! May i know what’s your considerations factor to choose Bartley Residences last time as compare to Bartley Ridge? and if you know currently Botanique at Bartley is marketing their new unit, i am considering to purchase around the area, many thanks in advance

Emily October 27, 2015 at 2:57 PM

Hi Stella,
The main reason we purchased Bartley Residences is because of its location. My son’s school and my office are just within 1km from there, as well as my PIL’s house. In fact, we were aiming for the launch the moment we saw they put up the signboards and we were the first few who made the purchase. Bartley Ridge has not been launched at that moment, it was only one year after Bartley Residences.

I’d say Botanique is a good choice. My friend recently purchased a unit there. The development is very nice, you should take a look at their showroom (I believe it’s still up). 🙂


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