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Japan Day 2: Tokyo Disneyland

Today was supposed to be the most exciting day of our trip because we will be going to the happiest place on earth – yes, the Disneyland!

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the WORST because of the weather (it rained all day) and the insane crowd. I felt so sorry for our boy because he couldn’t enjoy the theme park to the fullest.

The morning started off pretty well. We had a good night sleep and managed to recover from the exhaustion of taking night flight on our first day. After breakfast, we left our hotel with full enthusiasm only to be dampened by the rainy weather.

The rain wasn’t heavy, but it drizzled the whole day. And never stop at all! We had to walk around with raincoats. It’s more convenient to use a raincoat rather than umbrella because we don’t need to fold and unfold, and we can free up our hands from holding something.

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park built outside the United States, opening in 1983. However, the park closed for a month in 2011 after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled power supplies and transit routes in most areas in Japan.

Fortunately, there was no obvious sign of damage or disruption at Tokyo Disneyland, and today, it remains as one of the top theme park destinations in the world. Tokyo Disneyland is also the most successful theme park built outside of the United States to-date.

There are seven themed areas in the park – four classic Disney lands (Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland), two mini lands (Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown), and lastly, the World Bazaar (main shopping area).

The very beautiful castle
Blooming flowers are everywhere

The moment you enter Tokyo Disneyland, you’ll be amazed by its layout. It’s so spacious, clean and organized, the castle is a beauty, the flowers are blooming, and all your favourite rides are just a magical land away.

Minnie Mouse’s House

My favourite part is Toontown where the major Disney characters live. The pink Minnie Mouse house in Toontown Square is so cute and lovely. The magnificent fireworks that were set to music and lasted for more than thirty minutes made the day-pass totally worthwhile.

Not everything is about rides here in Tokyo Disneyland. This theme park has some pretty unique desserts that will leave you pondering until the end of time if you don’t indulge in at least one of them.

Our boy carrying the red Mickey Mouse popcorn bucket

My favourite is the flavoured popcorn – something which Tokyo Disneyland is famous for. From odd flavours like black pepper and curry popcorn, to more traditional delights such as salted, caramel and honey popcorn, you’ll be intrigued by the interesting flavours of this magical park.

You can buy these popcorns in beautifully-designed Disney buckets. Almost all the kids are carrying these Disney buckets and eating popcorns as they walk around. You can top it up anywhere in the park.

Shopping in Tokyo Disneyland is so much fun too. While some of the merchandises are identical to those in other Disney theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland does offer its unique and impressive selections of Disney products.

I didn’t take many pictures in Tokyo Disneyland, say to say, because my camera is not water-proof. And wearing that rain coat is a tad too uncomfortable for me to ditch out my camera as and when I need. Here are a few pictures that I took.

Our lunch – cute Mickey shaped burger
Rain, rain, go away!
Tom Sawyer Island
Pirates of the Caribbean

In addition, the crowd was too overwhelming (it was a Saturday). In my opinion, it’s even more crowded than HK Disneyland, Universal Studios Singapore and Legoland in Malaysia. So if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland, please avoid weekend at all cost. And avoid the rainy season too.

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