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Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: July 2014

I’ve been so busy that I’ve forgotten to update the work-in-progress of Bartley Residences for the last two months. I pass by the construction site every morning when I send our boy to school. When I see it every day, I don’t notice any major progress. But when I looked back at my April update, I can see the vast differences. That’s the beauty of documenting it on this blog.


The block facing Bartley Road (Blk 7) is now 13 storeys high. Three months ago, it was just 5 storeys. The Bodhi tree is now completely hidden behind this block.


Blk 1 seems to be the most advanced now. I took these pictures from Lorong How Sun – where the main entrance is located. Blk 1 is already painted white, and with glass panels installed.



I believe Bartley Residences is now 12 to 15 months away from its completion. It’s time to start planning and budgeting for our new home interior design and furniture. As a start, we try to get ideas from every resource possible – from magazines, websites and forums, to visiting showrooms.

Yes, condo showrooms are the best place to start. So, last weekend, we visited the Coco Palms showroom at Paris Ris Groove for some interior design inspirations. I’ve read so many positive news about this development – being the top selling project in May 2014, with over 600 units sold within 18 days since its VVIP preview.

Isn’t that a very impressive figure?

Indeed, the one and two-bedroom units are 100% sold out now. Even the three-bedrooms are almost sold out. V joked that Singaporeans are buying condos like vegetables in the market.

The theme of this development is Resort Living at Home, and its architectural inspiration is taken from some of the world’s best and most exclusive resorts. The luxury beach resort style really attracts me.

There is a huge lagoon pool (with something that looks like a man-made beach), Japanese style Onsen Bath, salt water pool, wading pool, splash pool, hydro spa, family Jacuzzi, lap pool, etc. This is certainly the first time I see a condominium with Onsen bath and so many pools!

The first moment when we took a glance at the price tag, we were completely amazed. It’s so hard to find a condo unit under $1,000 psf now, but the median price of Coco Palms is slightly below $1,000 psf. A three-bedroom unit is below $1.0M, which is really attractive. Furthermore, it’s within walking distance to MRT. No wonder it is selling like hot cakes!

Looking back at our Bartley Residences, the price is between $1,200 to $1,300 psf. It’s indeed a big investment for us, and at some point, we really felt that it’s overly priced. Two years ago, we set our mind on this property because of its ideal location. I always look forward to the day when we can finally move in, and our boy can just walk to school every morning in less than 10 minutes. It’s the price tag that is worth paying.

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