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37th Birthday – 3 Years ‘till 40!


Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and I’m glad to report that I’m still alive. (just joking!)

For some perfectly healthy people, being alive may just mean ‘merely existing’. But for those who are not, being alive has a greater and deeper meaning. It means ‘truly living’ by being able to enjoy life, love others, live with a purpose, and accomplish things.

Therefore, the simple joy of being alive, being able to move freely, and being able to live with my loved ones are my daily blessings that I should never take for granted.

37 is officially into the late thirties category – but I don’t feel that old yet. In my opinion, what we feel about ourselves doesn’t exclusively tie to that number. It’s all in our mind and soul.

I’ve gone through a wild and rocky childhood, a tough and challenging young adulthood, and I finally arrived into this happy world of motherhood in my 30’s. In short, I’m very grateful to be where I am today.

During my teens, I was obsessed about turning 21. I would think about my life in the twenties – my first job, my first boyfriend, my first paycheck, my first step into financial freedom, etc. Life in the 20’s was like a dream come true to me.

But when I entered my 20’s, the harsh reality of working life hit me. I was also under peer pressure. When my friends got married, I wondered when my turn is. When my friends bought their cars and houses, I wondered when my turn is. In short, I was never really satisfied with my life when I was in my 20’s – even though I enjoyed my first taste of freedom.

Being in my 30’s now, I find life totally amazing. I have a good job that pays well. I have an adorable son who takes up an incredible amount of time and energy from me. But yet, I find that I’m not spending enough time with him.

Few days ago, I told him that my birthday is coming. He secretly drew this birthday card for me (pictured above). It’s a very beautiful fruit basket with all my favourite fruits in it. I love this little boy more than anything and I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with him.

I have a very supportive husband who is always there for me. Sometimes his quirks are driving me crazy and I feel like tearing his hair out, but sometimes, he’s as sweet as a cherry pie. He’s my helping hand, he’s my shoulder to cry on, he’s my best friend, and he makes my life so complete.

On my own personal time, I enjoy learning new skills – photography and blogging. I love to write, and I’m happy to know readers like you who enjoy reading my blog. I blog because I enjoy expressing my thoughts here on this blog. Even if I have 1 reader or 1,000 readers, I still enjoy the blogging process.

1 Nov 2014 – I celebrated happiness with my loved ones. I’m blessed!

And I look forward to the future, to learning more from life, to appreciating simple things in life, and to have a positive attitude to life.

Thanks to everyone for your love!


Sarah November 3, 2014 at 3:25 PM

Happy Birthday Emily! Wishing you lotsa happiness and a blessed year ahead! 😀

Amy November 4, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Happy Birthday Emily! Love your positive attitude to life! 🙂


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