Introducing: Squatty Potty – The Proper Way to Poop

I’ve to admit, when I started blogging, a post about pooping was not on my list to write. Recently, I was given a new product to try, and it has convinced me that this is an important topic. Hence, I’m going to attempt to review it. I’ll be tasteful and keep it all G-rated, so don’t worry.

What is Squatty Potty?


Squatty Potty is a toilet stool designed to help us poop more efficiently and stay away from health problems such as constipation, haemorrhoids and colon disease. It puts us in the exact correct position (natural squatting) for fast and easy elimination, with the comfort and convenience of our own toilet.

The Origin of Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is a family business in the USA that created the Squatty Potty toilet stool. They have been widely featured in various media programs and articles in the USA for promoting this healthier method of clearing bowels.

In Singapore, Health Bloom is the official sole distributor of Squatty Potty.

Does squatting really matter?

Yes! In fact, I just realized that I’ve been pooping wrong this whole time. Let me explain further.

When we’re sitting, the anorectal angle is kinked which puts upward pressure on the rectum and keeps the faeces inside. It makes elimination difficult and thus creating the need to STRAIN in order to move the bowels, which is also the main cause of hemorrhoids.

When we’re squatting, the angle straightens out allowing the bowels to eliminate quickly and easily without straining. Picture below shows the difference between sitting and squatting.

Squatting vs Sitting
Picture Credit: Squatty Potty Website

The FIVE main problems associated with sitting on your toilet include: 1) constipation, 2) hemorrhoids (explained above), 3) colon disease, 4) urinary difficulty and infections, and 5) pelvic floor issues.

I’m not going to elaborate on these problems. But if you’re interested to find out more, you can read this article.

In short, squatting has been medically-proven to be a healthier toilet posture than sitting. Achieve a squatting position using Squatty Potty can eliminate the problems associated with sitting on the toilet bowl, and bring out a healthier lifestyle for all of us.

Our User Experiences

Now, are you still with me? Okay, good. We came to the most important part of this post where I’m going to share our very honest user experiences with you.

Before I used it, I thought it would feel awkward and perhaps a little uncomfortable too. However, after my first use, I was pleasantly surprised that the position didn’t feel awkward at all. It felt very natural and comfortable, without straining any part of my body.

What surprised me most was the immediate difference I noticed. The first time I used it, my bowels moved much more quickly without the need to strain. Within three days, this position felt so natural that it feels strange to revert to the previous sitting position.

I struggled with constipation during my pregnancy. I’ve also struggled with haemorrhoids at the end of my pregnancy. Thus, I’m always mindful of the importance of a good bowel health.

While using Squatty Potty, I like the fact that I can completely empty my bowels each time (smoother and faster too!). I feel lighter and my tummy doesn’t feel bloated anymore.

Little Edison suffered from chronic constipation since young. When his constipation got really bad, I had to give him stool softener to soften his hard stools. Otherwise, he’ll push until he cries and his anal starts to bleed.

So I’m confident that Squatty Potty can help to solve his constipation problem. After one week of usage, he commented that he can poop easily and comfortably from a squatting position using Squatty Potty.


I also asked the Hubby to try it, though he was initially perplexed. He thought about it for a while, and his curiosity got the better of him. So he agreed to try it. His verdict? He agrees that Squatty Potty is easy to use and is highly effective in positioning the colon for effortless bowel movement.

The only downside is – he doesn’t have time to read newspaper in the toilet!

For the elderly at home, they used squatty toilets for ages. So they still prefer squatty toilets than modern sitting toilets. However, those with back and knee problems, or muscle weakness in their legs will likely find squatting extremely challenging.

Thus, Squatty Potty allows them to squat in a modern sitting toilet without straining their back, knees or legs.

I’m glad to have found such a wonderful product that gives everyone in my family a good cleanse, a good toilet posture, and preventive against colon disease, constipation, haemorrhoids, bloating and similar ailments.

How to use a Squatty Potty

Using the Squatty Potty is not as hard as you think. Now, I’m going to walk you through the steps of using it.

1. Where do my feet go?

Look at the Squatty Potty. There are large, ridged surfaces alongside the basin – that’s where your feet should be placed. Those ridges help with traction.

2. How to squat?

Note: This is not the same squat as you may have done over a Western toilet that is too dirty to sit on.

Start with your Squatty Potty stored under the toilet. Sit comfortably on your toilet, and slide the Squatty Potty to a comfortable distance from the toilet. Place your feet on the foot rests, then lean slightly forward to imitate the natural squatting position. Remember, the more you simulate a natural squat position, the better it is.

In case you’re still not clear, watch this video for a demonstration.

3. Where to keep after use?


Squatty Potty is a cleverly-designed toilet stool that keeps itself out of the way when not in use. Just push it under your toilet bowl after use.

More Product Information

Squatty Potty is made of hard plastic, attached with rubber anti-skid pads to ensure safety of users. It’s designed to fit well under the toilet bowl for convenient storage when not in use.

Squatty 1

It comes in a clean white design with two sizes – 7 inch or 9 inch (height). 7 inch is suitable for squatting beginners, whereas 9 inch is for users well-adapted to squatting. Personally, I prefer the 9 inch and it’s suitable for everyone in my family.

This product is made in the USA, easy to clean and suitable for all ages. Young children should be tall enough to achieve a squatting position without feeling discomfort and under parental supervision.

Health Bloom is the official sole distributor of Squatty Potty in Singapore. The retail price is $36 for 1st piece and $30 for 2nd piece onwards, with free delivery to doorstep.

Like anything new, using a Squatty Potty may feel strange at first, but you’ll quickly adapt to it. As this is not a medicine, you may not feel visible results immediately. But after understanding the science behind it, I truly believe that we can inculcate a healthier lifestyle with Squatty Potty. Ultimately, prevention is always better than cure.

For the health and well-being of your loved ones, I strongly recommend Squatty Potty to you. For just $36, we can bring out a healthier and happier lifestyle to everyone at home.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own. I strongly recommend it based on its health benefits.

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ong chow hong February 21, 2016 at 10:55 AM

I am not sure which height of squatty potty I should get. The toilet bowls in my house are about 15 to 16 inches high. What do you recommend?


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