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Some Closing Thoughts of Year 2014

I know this post came late because I was really tied-up for the past two weeks. I’m glad I finally found inspirations to pen it down today.

2014 has been pretty much smooth sailing for me. Nothing major happened (I’m thankful for this!), but there was a lot of rediscoveries and life lessons learnt.

First up, motherhood is my biggest privilege. It’s been such a joy to watch my son grow, and I can only hope to continue to enjoy this privilege for as long as I can. I want to be the best and most supportive mum to my only son who is stretching his wings to soar into formal education.

Never underestimate the magnitude of a parent’s love for their child, as I’ve always said. Eight years ago, I thought I’ve loved all I could in my life. But when Edison came into my life, I realized there is someone whom I can love unconditionally with all my heart and soul – with no fear of not getting the same in return.

Secondly, this was the year I actually questioned my own marriage. They say if you survive the seven-year itch, you are set for life in your marriage. Don’t get me wrong, there were no affairs going-on. Although we hardly fight, we also forgot to keep our romance alive. One of the reasons may be due to our work schedule. V has irregular work schedule, sometimes we don’t get to see each other for the entire week (even though we’re all living in the same house).

When our life slipped into mundanity, we also rarely notice each other. Then I realized a marriage takes efforts to make it work. There are these little things that keep it going, but I guess we’re both too slack about it. Perhaps, in 2015, we need to do something about it.

Thirdly, I’m so thankful for the endless support and help from my parents-in-law. As I’ve always said, I love them like my own parents. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a wonderful parents-in-law. They help to take care of Edison while I’m at work. Without their help, I won’t be able to pursue what I want to build for our future. The amount of love they’ve shown, especially towards Edison, is amazing.

Lastly, I’m feeling a little paranoid of death recently. It’s crazy, I know. The reality is harsh that we closed the year 2014 with yet another plane crash. Leaving this world is not that scary, but leaving without a chance to say “Goodbye” and “I love you” to the loved ones is indeed scary.

Two weeks ago, I watched this video on YouTube. I embedded it here to share with you. It’s a song by a popular Chinese singer, Han Hong. The title of the song is ‘Tian Liang Le’. The first time I heard of this song, I was touched. At the same time, I was also wondering why all the audience was crying.

Then, I googled about the song. True enough, there was a story behind it. A sad story. This song tells the story about an orphan. A cable car at a scenic spot in China crashed in 1999. At that moment, a couple used their hands to hold up their three years old child, so he was saved, but his parents died later. Then, the singer Han Hong adopted this child.

When I listened to the song again, paying more attention to the lyrics this time, I could totally feel the great parental love and the sadness of leaving the loved ones behind. And I cried. And I also fear leaving this world before I could say “I love you” to my son one more time.

Because of this, I’m starting 2015 with a very important note to myself – live happily each and every day! No matter what curveball life throws me, I’m able to deal with it and come out alright – as long as I’m alive, and as long as I can still say “I love you” to my loved ones every day.

I’m looking forward to the next 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years, watching my son grows up to be a responsible adult, be with him as long as he needs me, and live my life happily with my loved ones.

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