My Slimming Journey with Halley Medical Aesthetics

I’ve been battling with weight issues since three years ago after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. The only treatment for this disorder is using steroids. Steroids affect my metabolism and how my body deposits fats. It also caused uncontrollable appetite leading to weight gain, and in particular leads to extra deposits of fats in my tummy and face.

Until today, I’m still on steroids. Even though the dosage has been cut down to the lowest maintenance dose since half a year ago, my weight doesn’t go down, and my tummy doesn’t return to its normal size either.

I feel hurt when people asked me about my weight gain. I didn’t want to tell them the truth, so most of the times, I just shrugged off the question by joking that my husband fed me a lot of good food. Whenever I wore a dress to work, I got suspecting stares from my colleagues that I was pregnant. So, I’ve stopped wearing dresses completely after that.

Sometimes, my self esteem takes a big hit. I feel so depressed; I hate myself and everything about life. I hate the way I look, and I stop loving myself for this reason. To compensate for what I’ve lack, occasionally I splurged on something expensive to make myself happy.

After going through this emotional trauma for years, I’ve decided that I WANT A CHANGE! I don’t want to avoid the weighing scale again. I don’t want my self esteem to suffer any longer. I don’t want to feel hurt again with comments that I’m fat. So, my biggest resolution this year is to change myself and tackle my weight issue as first priority.

I’ve decided to seek professional help, so I’ve shortlisted two options – Slim Couture and Halley Medical Aesthetics. After much consideration, I chose the latter because it’s more cost-effective, less time-consuming and I believe it has longer lasting results too.

Halley Medical Aesthetics at River Valley Road


So, I called Halley Medical Aesthetics to fix an appointment. On the day of my appointment, I arrived at a shophouse along River Valley Road. As I walked in, I liked the cosy feeling of the clinic and their friendly staffs.

Halley Medical Aesthetics


First of all, I was led into the treatment room where the clinic assistant took my weight and height, and measured my waist, arms and thighs circumference. After all the measurements were taken, I was brought to see Dr. Terence Tan – the Director of Halley Medical Aesthetics.



My first impression of Dr. Tan is that he’s very polite, patient, and honest. He didn’t rush through my consultation, in fact, he explained in details how their weight management program works, and the results that I can achieved from it.

Halley Medical Aesthetics

Yes, I like the point where he set my expectation right on my first appointment. One thing that is worth mentioning is that there is no awkward sales pitch from the clinic at all. In fact, Dr. Tan recommended the minimum treatments that I need to achieve my goal in just 3 months. He even joked that I shouldn’t see him again after 3 months. Such a lovely doctor!

Before I proceed any further, let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • My current weight and height are 58.2kg and 154cm, that gives me a BMI of 24.5 (healthy BMI range is 23 – 18.5).
  • To at least get back into the healthy BMI of 23, I need to slim down to 54kg (4.2kg reduction).
  • To get into an ideal BMI of 21, I need to further slim down to 51kg (7.2kg reduction!).
  • To achieve 51kg in 3 months’ time, I need to reduce 2.4kg each month.

At first, this sounds like a mission impossible to me, but Dr. Tan assured me that he can help me achieve this goal. So my first goal in 2015 is to hit 51kg in 3 months’ time!

After the full body check-up, the second part of my weight management program involves lifestyle and diet counseling, and medication. Dr. Tan shared with me some useful tips to guide me in my weight loss journey. He also prescribed some clinically tested weight loss medication to me. These medications are to be consumed for one month only, and they consist of three types:

  1. Duromine to be taken once first thing in the morning to suppress appetite,
  2. Nopal, a low calories and high dietary fibers supplement to be taken an hour before lunch and dinner,
  3. Xenical to be taken with dinner to block some of the fats that I eat, and keeping it from being absorbed by my body.
Halley Medical Aesthetics Price List
Price List

This Total Slim Program that consists of 3 slimming consultations and 3 types of medications for duration of 3 months is priced at S$655 (as listed on their price list). This was the amount that I paid with no other hidden costs.

After my consultation with Dr. Tan, I walked out of the clinic feeling hopeful again. Every cloud has a silver lining; finally I have some hope of being slim again.

I’m keeping a journal of my weight loss journey on this blog. I’ll update my progress regularly. In my next post, I’ll share with you my first fat freezing treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics that I did after my first consultation. So please stay tuned.



Halley Medical Aesthetics
248 River Valley Road #01-01 Singapore 238302

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Lye Min March 7, 2016 at 9:37 AM

HI Emily. I was searching for reviews for Halley Aesthetic and came to your blog. I too have a weight (and skin) problem. Was your slimming a success? Haven’t seen an update since you posted this initial post

Emily March 7, 2016 at 10:56 PM

Hi Lye Min,
Yes, my slimming was successful and in fact, I’ve blogged about the whole experience here. You can check out these posts:


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