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Bartley Residences Work-in-Progress: Jan 2015

The new school year has started, so I grabbed the opportunity to visit the construction site to see its progress. The latest information I get is that the TOP date will be July this year. If this is true, it will be just several months away to get the keys to our new home.

I’m eager to shift in because it will solve all my traffic woes. Although it isn’t really bad now – travelling time is still acceptable, it will still be much easier to just walk over than driving. At least, I don’t need to find a parking lot.

Bartley Jan 2015 - 3

Judging from the outlook, this project should be at least 70% into its completion now. All the blocks (except the one facing Bartley Road) are built to their highest floors, painted with all green nets removed.

Bartley Jan 2015 - 4
Last block still in construction

Bartley Jan 2015 - 2

Bartley Jan 2015 - 5

For the two-bedroom units, the balconies at the living hall and master bedroom are combined. I like this design actually – it makes the balcony more spacious and functional. For the three-bedroom units, there are two balconies (separated). For our unit, the two balconies have different facings. So, it’s nice to see two different views from there.

Bartley Jan 2015 - 6

Initially, I was wondering what structure is this. After checking the site map, it’s actually a reading pavilion – near the side gate to Bartley MRT.

Bartley Jan 2015 - 7
Picture Credit: http://forums.condosingapore.com/

This one is obvious – tennis court.

After the Chinese New Year, we should start looking out for interior designers. If you have any good recommendations, please share with me. Appreciate it!

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Dear Emily

I was reading your blogs on Edison’s Primary One Journey and your review on Atlas Medical (thank you for the advice!) when I read the above blog. You may want to try Louis Fang from Unity Design. He has done a good number of condos including some of my colleagues. His mobile number is 90280877.

Dear Jasmine,
Thank you so much for your recommendation. I really appreciate it. Last week, I sent request for quotations to RenoTalk website and I received so many replies that I still haven’t have time to read them all. Personally, I prefer to go for friend’s recommendations and word of mouth, rather than random search on the internet. I will give Louis a call after I finalize my requirements.


Hi Emily,

Hav been following yr construction updates. Thks for the nice pics (you must be a good photographer)..looking forward to staying at bartley res too;)

However, in dilemma whether to move in or not. Do you or anyone reading this know of any after school care around bartley res vicinity for my dd? There used to be one such center tlc residing in bartley church but they moved out last yr.

Think some parents may hav the same headache as well if their schools do not hav such services.

Hi It,

Thanks for visiting my blog. There are so much development these days. Every time I walk pass, I see something different. Can’t wait for the TOP in July (hopefully won’t be delayed).

There is no after-school care within the vicinity. Maris Stella has started their after-school care for their students, but they have limited vacancies too. The nearest after-school care will be in Serangoon, I think.


Hi, I did not see the progress until my friend took some pictures for me last month. I was excited to see the blocks. I only consider to move in recently and found your updates. Thanks for your sharing. Btw, my units at Block 5.


Hi Emily,
My unit at block 7A. Interest with your information about Bartley progress because I am from Indonesia. Hope TOP can be on time in this July 2015. I always waiting your report about the progress with good picture. Thanks Emily for your report.


I am from Jakarta indonesia and my unit at block 7. My last visit to bartley on last Dec 2014 and the progress seems 80% finished. Hopely TOP can be on time on this July and I always waiting your report about Bartley Residences progress. Thanks Emily for your report. It was helpful for me.


Hi Emily

Thanks for your updates!

Great to hear that B.R. is expected to TOP in Jul. I’m at blk 3. Hopefully able to move in by year end. and looks like we need to start thinking abt reno real soon. getting excited!



Hi, I am also staying at Blk 3. I would like to know more about the TOP date, etc. Can’t wait to move in myself. Will need some tips on renovation and such too.

I was trying to search for a community for residence. Some of my friends, they would have known who their neighbours are before they move in. I would love to do so too. After all, it would be good to look after each other.


Cool! I.m kinda looking forward to move in after knowing that the TOP is soon… excited! 🙂 well, hope to read on more updates from you.